Trendy Clothing, Definition of Swag

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Trendy Clothing, Definition of Swag Teens and fashion

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Teens and fashion

Teens and fashion

Kelvin Chiringa
There was a time when the concept of fashion was only in the occasions.

Though, it would be pointless to compare the present generation with our generation.

But we can see a vast difference between the present and the older generation.

Fashion is the key word for today’s teenagers.

The bags they carry, the watches they wear and the way they carry themselves involve so much of fashion.

The teenagers seem to be more fashionable than the adults now.

Over the years the tidal wave of fashion has risen up to an unimaginable height, with fashionistas across the country chasing after almost every “in-thing” in the fashion world.

Youngsters have not been left in this rash for trendy clothes, from twelve-inch fancy stilettoes, Nike Yesus sneakers, Ferrari and Lacoste watches, Natasha skirts/Heavy Slit and African designer skirts to the most eye catching Versace gold chains.

Fashion has brought the excitement of being identified and the slightest compliment to a teenager crossing First Street spotting Harlem Pants in match making Jordan-23 sneakers topped by a colorful bucket hat and a Calvin Klein wrist watch would surely boost his confidence for the entire day.

Cool Lifestyle caught up with many teenagers who gave insight to how they define “swag” and how this is related to fashion and identity.

“Swag is more than a personality, it’s an audio visual memory that can’t be duplicated, it’s your licence plate and every-one has it.

“I am who I am and I don’t know how to be anyone or anything else, fashion is more than a label, it’s an image of life,” said one Shernaid Vheremu (15).

One does not fail to see how “swag” pertains to a state of uniqueness, the pursuit of an identity that best defines one without wanting to be anyone else, something which teenage fashion has managed to create.

“Swag is all about how cool you present yourself with regards to your choice of clothing, the labels you wear and so forth, the idea is to be cool and appreciable,” said Lindsay Hombera (19).

As much as swag portrayed in fashion is about being cool and standing out with an identity peculiar to the self, it is also about observing what is trendy as far as dress is concerned.

“Swag is a way of dressing that highlights new, trendy, fitted and meticulous clothing in your everyday wardrobe. People who dress with swag have a detail-oriented view of their clothing that ensures they make a statement every time they step out of the house,” articulated Kelvin Chimusimbe (18).

Keeping up one’s swag implies investing in designer coats, belts, sunglasses dress, hats or other items that one can wear frequently with some effect, but this means such clothing has to be gotten rid of once out of fashion.

“The best way to be different is not to concentrate more on what others are wearing, but to have personal designs which have an impression, either a catchy statement of choice or creative details sewn around one’s garments,’’ retorted Charmaine Makovaza (19)

Teenagers who dress with swag can wear earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets and fancy belts without beingafraid to wear several types of jewelry or necklaces at one time.

From what is trendy, swag gravitates to personal hygiene implying that one has to shine his or her shoes regularly, protecting them with a weather guard to make one’s investment last longer, getting a pedicure if one plans to wear sandals.

“Nobody who believes in swag would want to be caught on the wrong side. in this regard one has to have a personality punctuated in neatness, well-manicured nails and facial hair,” said Janet Goredema (16).

Inspiration is a part of grooming one’s swag and as such teens can research their style through bloggers and designers, finding a few style icons and without being afraid to copy some of their wardrobe choices.

“I am afraid to define the way I dress as swag, but I would rather call it fashion, for me this is a revelation of my personality, the way I dress shows a lot about my mood.

“I like sporting casual wear, and the fact that I hate lipstick and high heeled shoes, choosing tennis shoes, jeans and trendy shirts reveals my tomboy side, thus fashion is about how you want to be seen,” said one Laura James (19).

With a lot of trendy labels to choose from comprising Pirates, Supreme, Last Kings, Monster Energy and so forth, there is surely something for every fashion crazy individual seeking to pimp his/her swag before getting busted by the cities’ mysterious fashion police

Getting rid of your old torn up or faded clothes to have an appointment with latest fashion means you are about to rediscover your looks and in the process of creating your own swag, you are also boosting up your confidence level with people being able to identify and appreciate that you are based on what comes out of your wardrobe.

And after you have washed that body, pampered it in authentic lotion and spray, before you take your first step out of the house into the fashion crazy world out there, ask yourself, how lasting is your swag?

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