Transform your body to fit the aura of your lifestyle

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Transform your body to fit  the aura of your lifestyle

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Isdore Guvamombe

Do you wish to have a body that turns heads when you walk around?

As dictated by the ancient rhythm of life to survive, a human being‘s body is the casing of his/her life: it carries the breath, persona, aspirations and ambitions. Life!

Suffice to say, your body gives you the much needed confidence as you go about your business. Your body gives you the strength and indeed, the depth of character. The aura. The everything.

It you don’t like your body, change it to your desired settings and there are places that can help you tweak your body to get the desired shape, muscle and health.

But this does not simply come, you must invest in your fitness and your attitude must support you in gaining your desired casing.

Stashed in the ambiance of Sam Levy’s Village in plush Borrowdale suburb, Pro Fitness Gym and Health Centre has changed the lives of many.

There is no single gym equipment you cannot find there. And, it is not just equipment it is the latest equipment on the world market.

People have come to this gym in all shapes and sizes, from the onion-shaped to the pencil slim, from the chubby ones to the frothy ones, from the lanky hypochondriacs to fit and indeed from the tall and the short – they have all thronged and trudged the length and breadth of the spacious gym.

After spirited workouts and guidance from the 11 highly qualified trainers and support from the professional ancillary stuff, many have come out of the gym with bodies that turn heads each time walk around.

But once you acquire your desired body, you need to maintain it and the Pro Fitness health centre become your home. You became part of the life-long family of health living body work.

I have been to Pro Fitness gym and found the ease of transforming bodies, albeit through sweat and work. It is the trainers that are amazing. They fit well into the extravagant investment in equipment that catches your eye on arrival at Pro-fitness.

The trainers make you achieve your wishes.

‘‘Why I loved this place? I mean that’s beyond a question. It’s not just beautiful, it’s amazing. My one- month holiday to Harare was just incredible thanks to Pro Fitness.

“I loved every day, every moment, with wonderful people. Shout out to Paul and Anton, the trainers there! The sauna and showers in the gym are fantastic, two hours used to just pass by. Very well maintained gym, and the Sam levy village itself. Very heart-warming,’’ says Mustafa P.

A human being’s body — when the person is really concerned about looks, health and little everything else that comes with the trinkets of life- can be transformed to suit a certain lifestyle.

I have found out through my interaction with Pro Fitness Gym and Health facility in Borrowdale.

Spacious and fitted with state-of the art equipment, it is smart one-stop shop health facility run professionally. You can also buy supplements in situ.

Ladies seem to enjoy the gym with equal measure and common conversations there are:

“Fear not, ladies! To build a better-looking, stronger, healthier body, you need to work all the muscle groups. This includes upper-body workouts, whether you’re a man or woman. Be sure to try these simple yet effective exercises.”

One things that strikes you, especially in this Covid-19 era, is the cleanliness that gives you the confidence to work on any machine, without fear of contracting disease.

The cleaners, who are easily noticeable in their black regalia are on their feet all the time, cleaning but not interfering with your workouts.

I have been to some gyms where the smell of sweat overrides any other fragrance but here, it’s the opposite. It is well kept and well aerated.

That it is Zimbabwe’s premier health facility is not in doubt. It offers top of the range equipment and service. It offers a wide variety of classes as well as a steam room and sauna.

Its hygiene staff always go the extra mile to bring the highest standard of cleanliness to the training space.

Every piece of equipment is sprayed and wiped down after use and re-racked for the convenience and safety of the clients.

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