Tourist disappears on Mount Nyangani

The mystic Mount Nyangani

Herald Reporter
A tourist went missing on Saturday afternoon on Mt Nyangani where he had gone hiking with friends. The tourist (name withheld), aged 31, his wife and another couple tried to climb Mt Nyangani but when halfway up, the women and the other man gave up while he proceeded alone.

A military team is assisting with the search using a helicopter. Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident and said a search for the tourist was underway.

“We confirm that we are currently looking into the circumstances where a 31-year-old Zimbabwean of Asian origin allegedly went for a holiday at Troutbeck Hotel. In the process he was in the company of three others when they decided to climb Mt Nyangani.

“He disappeared after saying he was going up while others were resting,” Chief Supt Nyathi said.
Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson Ms Caroline Washaya-Moyo said more than 60 people, including rangers and relatives of the missing tourist, were involved in the search.

“The climb normally takes at least two hours and more than an hour to descend depending on an individual’s fitness. By 4pm on the same day, the other three got worried after noticing he had not returned and advised the Parks’ office.

“A reaction stick (team) was deployed and followed the usual path to the peak of the mountain but he was not there. On the following day a thorough search of the mountain top and footpath leading from the top to the bottom of the mountain was done again,” she  said.
Ms Washaya-Moyo said villagers and traditional leaders surrounding the park had been advised.

Air Force of Zimbabwe spokesperson Squadron Leader Donovan Muroyiwa said they had dispatched a helicopter with four soldiers from One Commando Regiment to assist.

“A stick of One Commando Regiment soldiers with experience to assist are currently searching for the tourist and they left today aboard a helicopter. They are trying their best to locate the tourist and we anticipate their return after exhausting all efforts,” he said.

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