Total confidence in Zimbabwe’s future

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Total confidence in Zimbabwe’s future

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Obi Egbuna Jnr Simunye
DURING a sessional address to the people of Ghana exactly 23 days before the US-EU imperialist-led military coup that overthrew his revolutionary government, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah eloquently stated: “Let us remember in the final analysis the masses are always the final arbiter. They will always choose freedom and justice, as against oppression and corruption.”While the statement made by Zimbabwean Major-General S. B. Moyo concerning the recent political developments was short and concise, it perhaps was the first step in changing the political trajectory of Zimbabwe in particular and Mother Africa in general for decades to come. The decision to emphasise that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces was not engaging in a military take-over, could have very well in the long term ushered in the beginning of the end of military neo-colonialism on our beloved mother continent once and for all.

The reinforcement of that exact sentiment by General Constantino Chiwenga: “There is only one Commander-in-Chief His Excellency the President, Head of State and Government, and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Comrade R.G. Mugabe” is the reason why the US-EU imperialist media apparatus has not resisted the temptation to express their pleasure surrounding the mere thought of President Mugabe no longer calling the shots in Zimbabwe. Of course, they are too racist and arrogant to acknowledge a people they consider inherently inferior have devised a political strategy beyond their comprehension.

What the Africans in the Diaspora must grapple with is understanding the immeasurable value of both patience and a level of political discipline, that keeps them settled and not indulging in opportunism and unnecessary overreaction, resulting in spreading utter confusion at breakneck speed just to give the impression they have the latest scoop on what is occurring on the ground in Zimbabwe.

At this juncture the only thing faster than the bullets in the live ammunition in the weapons of the ZDF are the trigger fingers possessed by opportunists using their laptops to spread lies, gossip and innuendo about Zimbabwe, this is being done primarily by certain elements who claim to support President Mugabe and Zanu-PF in word but practically speaking have very little anything concrete to show that demonstrates the essence of the solidarity that defines and epitomises African resistance.

This allows us to zero in on journalists in particular who are only writing about Zimbabwe primarily because it is the main African story, but for the last 18 years have stood idly by and allowed the US-EU imperialist apparatus make assassinating the character of President Mugabe their primary crusade on the African continent. What this illustrates is their obedience to the immoral values of US-EU capitalism and imperialism who are only into the business of selling newspapers as opposed to being pinpoint accurate about Zimbabwe’s current political status.

The main question on the table is who internally and externally still doubts the political sophistication of President Mugabe and Zanu-PF, whether you like it or not, there is no denying at every key phase of the Third Chimurenga US-EU imperialism has been reduced to the posture of a window shopper completely on the outside looking in. How convenient it is to forget US-EU imperialist media apparatus bottom feeders desperately running around South Africa attempting to find the exact location where President Mugabe and Zanu-PF and both factions of the MDC were negotiating the GPA/inclusive Government. During the harmonised 2013 presidential/parliamentary elections former US president Jimmy Carter was left with egg on his face when President Mugabe and Zanu-PF refused his overture to allow the liberal imperialist vehicle that carries his name the Carter Centre to given official observer status.

According to then president Obama’s former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs and former US ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Johnnie Carson if the Carter Centre was granted the access to Zimbabwe they wanted he would have personally nudged Obama’s shoulders and asked for the US-EU sanctions on Zimbabwe.

When President Mugabe and Zanu-PF along with the ZDF sit down with the Sadc envoys from South Africa and Angola who, based on the rotational political cycle, are presiding over the regional body and the regional defence forces respectively, we can guarantee not only that the details will not be leaked to diplomats representing US-EU imperialism, but equally as important our former colonisers and enslavers will not have a seat at the table. For this reason the US-EU imperialist apparatus must depend on President Mugabe and Zanu-PF’s most hateful detractors for soundbites with no substance or foundation, we recently saw the media giant Newsweek reduced to getting a quote from Doug Coltart, whose father David Coltart is a founder of the US-EU regime change agent MDC. The young Coltart, a pro-regime change baby bull, stated the city is calm but that he was concerned by what could turn out to be an “unconstitutional transition of power”.

The Voice of America published a caption entitled “Who is Emmerson Mnangagwa?“ The answer is simple: Go and ask your Zimbabwe desk who you hired to paint a picture of him as the mask of terror behind President Mugabe, if you are not satisfied with their account your next destination should either be the US State Department or the headquarters of the CIA . Unfortunately, the Rhodesian Baby Bull and Newsweek forgot to share that General Chiwenga began his public statement by highlighting Section 212 of Zimbabwe’s Constitution that highlights the obligation of the ZDF as it pertains to Zimbabwe’s national security and territorial integrity.

What also angered US-EU imperialism was the fact that the ZDF did not call for a political makeover reversing Zimbabwe’s land reclamation programme, the Indegnisation and Empowerment Act or Zim-Asset, which illustrates their commitment to the continued execution of these ground-breaking programmes without any internal sabotage from this moment on. It must be noted that when General Chiwenga chose to chronicle counter- revolutionary dynamics President Mugabe and Zanu-PF have overcome in particular the formation of Frolizi, the attempted removal of Cde Herbert Chitepo from Zanu’s chairmanship, the Nhari-Badza rebellion, Ndabaningi Sithole rebellion among others, the bar was raised on a level many cannot begin to understand.

This put US-EU Imperialism on notice that this was not the extension of General Ignatius Acheampong, who played a key role in carrying out the coup that ousted the Osagyefo from power, or Mobutu Sese Seko, who the US-Belgian-French imperialist alliance used to remove Patrice Lumumba from power. The words and reassurances of both General Chiwenga and Major-General S. B. Moyo that President Mugabe was not the target of this exercise, calls into question those who used their platform to call this a bloodless coup, which was an illustration of political gamesmanship, putting it lightly.

Both General Chiwenga and Major-General Moyo understand the importance of not giving the impression their actions are not in concert with the agenda of the US-Africa Military Command (Africom), the biggest threat to Mother Africa’s territorial integrity.

Those who chose to propagate that notion publicly must not forget the mere mention of that word is a clarion call for US-EU Iiperialism to plan a military intervention, which cannot be dismissed especially since both the President of Botswana, Ian Khama, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu included that on their neo-colonialist wishlist. For Africans in the Diaspora who have stood by President Mugabe and Zanu-PF for the last five decades, this comes down to a question of political will and capacity. We must not let US-EU imperialism use the recent developments in Zimbabwe as an excuse to maintain their illegal racist sanctions. Those who have fought that battle, there is no reason to abandon what President Mugabe and Zanu-PF consider a cause for every loyal daughter and son of Africa to wage and fight until their last breath.

Obi Egbuna Jnr is the US correspondent to The Herald and External Relations Officer of Zicufa (Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association). His email is [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

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