Top lawyer Mugiya suspended

22 Sep, 2022 - 16:09 0 Views
Top lawyer Mugiya suspended

The Herald

Senior Court Reporter

Harare top lawyer, Mr Norman Mugiya, has been suspended from his law firm following allegations of malpractice, including criminal conduct.

His partners at Mugiya and Muvhami Law Chambers have since written to the Law Society of Zimbabwe advising it of the suspension and requested for the withdrawal of his 2022 practicing certificate.

Messrs Tafadzwa Muvhami and Arshiel Mugiya, in a letter addressed to LSZ said their decision was to pave way for investigations into the allegations to be carried out.

Norman Mugiya is wanted by the police in connection with fraud case where he allegedly forged a Will of the late Jonah Shereni.

The matter has since spilled into court.

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