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Eta majita!!!

Hello good people, hope I find you well. Welcome to another revolution that hasn’t been televised. They call it the Urban Reloaded where we focus on what’s topping in the swagville and teenbrities. Remember the only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.Yours Truly was in Naija and geez, passed through Davido’s village and oh boy, it is just like any ordinary place in Zimbabwe.

In terms of swag we’re on time, please don’t be fooled by the rocks they have got in the music videos. They are still Johnnys’ from the block.

Our boy, JB — Justin Bieber is continuing to rule the roost with his European tour.

It certainly seems that he is making sure his fans are getting quite the spectacle on his “Purpose Tour.”

Justin Bieber set pulses racing last Wednesday night when the singer whipped his top off mid-set, revealing his tattooed and muscular torso during a gig in Seattle.

The baby singer was obviously keen to pull out all the stops during his date at the Key Arena, which included a rain machine that soaked the “Sorry” hitmaker to the bone.

Already a veteran of packing the crowds into huge stadiums, Justin seemed to be in high spirits as he ploughed through a set full of hits and — of course — slick dance moves.

TMZ reports that just days before the concert the globe-conquering singer and some of his friends bailed on paying a $130 bar bill, after becoming involved in a heated exchange that nearly resulted in a brawl.

Boy, you need to change the attitude.

A source told the website that Justin and seven members of his entourage frequented The Whisky Bar in the city, ordering a round of $15 GlenDronach shots.

Following their round, the group failed to pay the bill on the night when they headed outside for a smoke but never came back to pay the bill.

However, one member of singer’s entourage explained ‘trouble’ started when a female fan wanted her picture taken, but one of Justin’s dancers denied the request — resulting in a man ‘yelling and making a scene.’

The group decided to leave before a fight broke out in the fraught atmosphere; with one of Justin’s bodyguards supposed to pay the bill, but seemingly forgetting to in the confusion.

But not wanting to skip out on the bar bill Justin’s group is said to have settled the bill on Wednesday night.

And it looked as though the singer had nothing but his performance on his mind at the gig the same day, as he powered through a high-tempo set.

However, it looks as though the face of Calvin Klein was keen to show off the muscles that helped him to land the underwear campaign as he couldn’t resist ripping his top off during the gig.

Closer to home, its just a week away before Nicki Minaj show down South and the tickets are already sold out.

Don’t forget to watch Zoolander 2 movie which has been released today and the comic action stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson among others.

Still on our JB, the movie also had a scene where they kill Bieber, sorry Biebermanians . . .

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