Tokyo lands Bindura mayoral post

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The Herald

Fungai Lupande Mashonaland Central Bureau
Councillor Carlos Tokyo was yesterday elected Mayor of Bindura Town after the swearing-in of 12 councillors that won local authority elections on July 30 in the mining town. Clr Tokyo will be deputised by Clr Nobert Dhokotera.

The 12 councillors took their oath of office and loyalty before Town Clerk Mr Shangwa Mavesera. Ten of the 12 councillors are from the MDC-Alliance, while the remaining two are from Zanu-PF.

District administrator Mr Richard Chipfuva presided over the election of the mayor, who then took his chair and presided over the election of his deputy.

Bindura Town Council chamber secretary Mr Naison Machingauta said Clr Tokyo was a first time councillor for Ward 5 and runs Maranatha Preparatory School, while Clr Nobert Dhokoreta, who is representing Ward 10, is an electrician and is returning to council for a second time. Both the mayor and his deputy are 38-years-old, while all the councillors are male and with their ages ranging from 30 to 71. Of the 12, four have been councillors before, and the remaining eight are first timers.

In an interview, Clr Tokyo said he was not promising anything, but would work with proposals.
“These proposals will shape the destiny of Bindura Municipality,” he said.
“I am inspired by the high level of energy in the councillors, who are showing that they are ready to work and their desire to represent the interest of Bindura Town Council.

“The areas of concern for Bindura Town Council have never been well articulated since 1980, particularly in the areas of water, sewer reticulation, closure and collapse of the mining sector, dilapidated infrastructure and the infrastructure that does not favour people with disability.

“Our primary schools are congested. Chipadze Primary School, which is run by council, is oversubscribed, with one teacher having a class of about 63 learners. We are proposing to build new schools and give land to new players who can build schools so that we de-congest schools.

“We have underutilised infrastructure like Tendai Hall and old beer halls that we want to resuscitate so that we use them for the benefit of our people. I am humbled by being nominated unopposed, it shows a high level of confidence that people have in me. I am setting aside politics and engaging stakeholders from all political parties, civic society and churches.

“There will never be hostility during my tenure.”
The other 10 councillors are Paradzai Mupingiza Ward 1, Ian Makoni Ward 2, Brian Kembo Ward 3, Friday Chigwande Ward 4, Oliver Mukombwe Ward 6, Tongai Jack Ward 7, Stewart Nyarumbe Ward 8, Aniko Chikuvanyanga Ward 9, Patrick Masango Ward 11 and Wonder Mechisi Ward 12.

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