‘Tobacco’ maid jailed

‘Tobacco’ maid jailed

Crime5Court Reporter
A 55-year-old maid in Beatrice who stole 30 packets of tobacco seed from her employer worth US$750 will spend the next month behind bars.
Raina Chimwendo was employed by Mufudzi Matongera (34), a farmer of Gilstone Farm, Beatrice, when she stole the seed and gave it to her daughter to sell in the vicinity.

The incident took place on May 30 when Matongera bought 30 packets of the seed at Kutsaga Seed Association at Boka Auction Floors.
Prosecutor Mr Edmond Ndambakuwa proved that on arrival at his house, Matongera handed the seeds to his wife for safe-keeping.

Chimwendo, who was privy to the situation, stole the seeds and gave 10 packets to her daughter.
The daughter started selling it to villagers at Datmoore Farm along Marirangwe Road in the same area.

On July 10, Matongera finished preparing the seedbed and asked his wife to hand over the seed. She, however, could not locate it.
Villagers informed Matongera that they had seen Chimwendo’s daughter selling the seed. Matongera reported the matter to the police.

Investigations resulted in the recovery of one pack of the seed worth US$10 from Ezelia Katyabeto.
Chimwendo’s daughter was arrested and she in turn implicated her mother, leading to her arrest.

Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Kudakwashe Jarabini sentenced her to six months in prison after she admitted to theft charges. Three months of her sentence was set aside on condition of good behaviour. Two of the three remaining months were suspended on condition she restitutes US$740 to Matongera by the end of August.


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