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‘Time to vote MDC councillors out of office’

23 Jul, 2018 - 00:07 0 Views
‘Time to vote MDC councillors out of office’ zanu-pf candidate for Ward 41, Harare, Cde Blessing Chimanga distributes winter jackets to children in Marlborough yesterday. — (Picture by Zvamaida Murwira)

The Herald

Herald Reporter
Zanu-pf candidate for Ward 41 in Harare, Cde Blesing Chimanga, has said it is time to punish MDC-Alliance councillors by voting them out of office in the harmonised elections next Monday. Cde Chimanga said time was now up for councillors from the MDC for allowing service delivery to deteriorate to unprecedented levels right under their watch.

He said this in Tynwald at the weekend while addressing party supporters at a rally to drum up support for the revolutionary party.

“As residents, you last got water from your taps when zanu-pf was running councils,” said Cde Chimanga. “That ceased to be the case after the MDC assumed office in the year 2000.

“No more running water from taps, we are now having to rely on boreholes and other unprotected sources, thereby exposing residents to diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery.”

Cde Chimanga said it was painful that while service delivery continued to deteriorate, the MDC led council continued to bill residence for non-existent services.

“There are no streetlights, no water in Harare,” he said. “The quality of life in an urban setting should be different from that of those who reside in rural areas. What makes the difference is that as residents, you pay rates to get that service.

“Councillors are drawing their sitting allowances, but there is no service that residence are getting. It is for that reason that you should vote for zanu-pf councillors, a party led by tried and tested leader, President Mnangagwa.”

Cde Chimanga said if a proper audit was to be done, it would show that several residents were owed by council for failing to get services when they were paying rates.

“Most of you are owed money by council because you pay your rates religiously, but you are not getting services,” he said. “That can only change if you vote for zanu-pf councillors.”

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