EDITORIAL COMMENT: Time to re-engineer, re-image Zanu-PF

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Time to re-engineer, re-image Zanu-PF

Elsewhere in this paper we carry a story and the address of the ruling Zanu-PF First Secretary and President, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa as he addressed the 107th Session of his party’s Central Committee yesterday. President Mnangagwa recalls the events that led to the resignation of Cde Robert Mugabe on November 21 and his replacement by President Mnangagwa, correctly situating that the party had come under attack from counter revolutionaries within.

The counter-revolutionaries formed a cabal that corrupted party systems and processes to further their divisive agenda and destroy the party they pretended to love. We must add that they also pretended to love the iconic Cde Mugabe while Nicodemously scheming and undermining his legacy.

Then President Mnangagwa made a critical intervention. With the rot having been stopped, it is time to re-engineer the party and it is the responsibility of members to do it in good spirit: not for expediency, for pomposity, but in tempered judgment. President Mnangagwa called for unity and discouraged retribution and called for the stability of the party which has the effect of reflecting on the nation at large.

The task of re-engineering the party will also work for the good of the country and President Mnangagwa struck the right chords. He called for a “new dynamic new era which must pervade all party work into the future” as a departure from a paradigm in which people think that the party is about “politics, politics and politics alone”.

He said: “Let us recognise that the best politics emerge from the market place where livelihoods are made.”
We agree with him, totally.
This is politics re-imaged.

It is Zanu-PF re-imaged and we take heart that as President Mnangagwa is taking the baton from Cde Mugabe — in fact finishing the latter’s term — President Mnangagwa is taking the ruling party on a whole new trajectory.
With a new vision, ethic and direction Zimbabwe can rise and fulfil its potential.

We know that in the toxic environment that subsisted during the later years of Cde Mugabe’s leadership — outside external factors — Zimbabwe suffered immensely and lost years of production and growth.

Much worse, a corrupt cabal was threatening to run us further aground because of its predatory instincts honed in thievery and greed.
It is refreshing to note that President Mnangagwa is willing to move the country forward on a positive path informed by pragmatism and discipline.

Going into the New Year, we cannot help, but notice the positive signs which will inform stability and growth.
It is the dawn of a new era indeed!

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