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Tight security at Harare Cup Clash

Tight security at Harare Cup Clash Kinna


Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Organisers of the Harare Cup Clash that will be held at City Sports Centre on Saturday promised to provide tight security for the event that features several dancehall artistes.

One of the organisers Patson Chimbodza of Chipaz promotions said they will have the police and their security details for the event to avoid violence that has marred dancehall clashes in the past.

“We have increased the number of police officers this year and our own security details. Apart from that we will have many lights around the venue so that culprits can be easily identified,” he said.

Chimbodza said they have done enough to have tight security for the highly subscribed event.

“As we speak our security officers are being trained so that they can handle the artists as well as the crowd in a good way,” he said.

The event will see several dancehall artists performing with Seh Calaz, Soul Jah Love, Kinna, Dadza D, King Shady, Shinsoman, Hwindi President, Ricky Fire leading the list.

Missing on the line up are dancehall chanters Winky D and Killer T who will be performing elsewhere on the same day.

“If you look at the line up all the dancehall artists are bound to perform and those who will win the clash will share stage with Romain Virgo at Glamis Arena in September at Glamis Arena,” he said.

Chimbodza said it was another way of motivating our young stars to bring difference on the dancehall scene.

“Harare Cup Clash has been there for years but we try to come with motivational rewards for the artists so that they keep working hard,” he added.

Musicians who are billed to perform at the event have promised fireworks.

Hwindi President who is fast becoming a big name in Zimdancehall said he was looking forward to the gig.

“Everyone wants to shine at such high profile gigs and I am prepared for the event,” he said.

For years the event has attracted thousands of music lovers and musicians have done their best to shine.

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