Throw Jonahs overboard, the fish have bellies


Stephen Mpofu Correspondent
It staggers the mind to try to imagine that the ruling Zanu-PF can continue politically to boast its indomitability as a house or a family while a few, cracked rotten eggs purveyed rank-and-file members with their stink.

Such a purposeful oneness, or solidarity is impossible. It is like having a span of oxen and donkeys and expect them to plough a field without leaving behind gapping banks on where weeds are wont to grow and choke the food crop, causing it to wither away and to its final demise.

No human being has, or will ever make an indisputable pronouncement concerning the danger posed to purposeful unity or solidarity by incompatible and irreconcilable human acts or habits than the pronouncement made by God the Son, Jesus Christ, 2 000 years ago, as immortalised in the Holy Bible.

According to the Book of Mark Chapter 3; 20-23, of the New Living Translation Jesus once told scribes, “a family splintered by feuding will fall apart”.

The New King James Version of the Bible translation says “if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand”.

That parable rang true to the scribes centuries ago as it does so today to Zanu-PF as well as to any other political parties in this country and elsewhere abroad which do not take immediate action to rid themselves of indisciplined members whose conduct threatens division and, ultimately, destruction of their organisation if left unpurged to wreck more havoc.

Any self-inflicted divisions particularly in Zanu-PF become a tragedy of tragedies more than in any other political entity in this country because the ruling party happens right now to hold delicately in its hands the social, economic and political destiny of the people of this country.

Which is why swift and thorough-going measures must be taken by the party urgently to purge itself of those of its members, whatever their standing in the Zanu-PF hierarchical structures, to save the revolutionary party from becoming a proverb in the eyes of the wider public at home and abroad.

Ideological reorientation is an alternative to heads rolling but, unfortunately, no institution exists in our country at present for the re-education of political misfits to rehabilitate them into the political family.

No individual political leader is above Zanu-PF or its First Secretary and President, Cde Robert Mugabe, and so no one should give himself or herself leeway to behave rhetorically as though s/he were untouchable even by the head of their party.

This pen finds it difficult not to believe that those leaders in the party who demonise others, or suggest who should hold what position and where and demonstrate no inclination whatsoever to collective responsibility and accountability for the ruling party’s policies and programs are driven by a hidden agenda thrust into their hands by the enemy within or without to destroy the country.

People who clutch at daggers thrust at them by imperialists or by the latter’s local political agents to destroy Zanu-PF and its Government in exchange for dirty money or for political leadership positions should the ruling party be deposed from Government, are a dangerous lot who must not be allowed to exercise any political sway in the political life of our nation.

This is because if allowed to test political blood chances are they will remain destabilising factors throughout the future of our country.

As things stand there is little or no leadership qualities that young Zimbabweans can hope to inherit from introverted leaders plying their trade in factionalism and in self-anointed pontifications about who should hold what position in the party or in the Government and who should not. Leaders driven by an insatiable and dangerous greed for power.

It so happens that both the ship of state and other minor (vessels) plying the political sea in Zimbabwe are overburdened with Jonahs so that they risk keeling over or sinking altogether.

Present-day Jonahs should be thrown overboard from the Zanu-PF ship and from that of the Government and into the bellies of big fish waiting under the sea to swallow them.

Should that happen the Jonahs will have no choice but to metamorphose overnight and after the rebirth stand a chance of rehabilitation with better political insight and an unflinching determination to take the country to greater heights of political and economic development.

  • Stephen Mpofu is a former editor of the Chronicle.



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