Think before you click

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Think before you click

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Tom Muleya Fraud Insight

Cyber security is no longer a new field, but new business; hence software and devices are demanding new levels of data protection, and in some cases, completely new approaches.

Once again running until 30 October is the National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

The National Cyber Security Awareness Taskforce of Zimbabwe has lined up various programmes with a view to create awareness at various levels in order to minimise cyber attacks through the following activities; talk shows, public lectures, conferences, workshops and weekly articles.

The campaign is running under the theme: “Think Before You Click”.

The 1st week of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month is looking at “Protection of Critical Infrastructure”.

Some of the critical infrastructure in Zimbabwe that needs safeguarding or protection is; IT nfrastructure, financial services (banks), hospitals, shopping centres, cellular services providers, and utility services, for example electricity, water providers, among others.

Cyber criminals are always looking for new methods of carrying out their attacks in order to break barriers and access privileged information or data.

Once they gain such information, they manipulate it for monetary gain or to destabilise the security of such infrastructure.

When critical infrastructure is exposed, huge financial losses are experienced, while critical services are disrupted.

I, therefore, suppose that every concerned citizen, who desires to fight cyber security, should talk about cyber security.

People should carry the cyber security message everywhere and to everyone.

We should see more players joining in the fight to complement Government efforts by promoting a safe cyber environment through education programmes.

The ZRP Commercial Crimes Division is seized with investigating cases involving intrusion on cyber-physical systems, for example, hacking of computer systems, and unauthorised access into business computer systems.

In order to create a cyber security free environment and protect our critical Infrastructure, the corporate and general public should consider the following;

  • Think cyber security.
  • Practice cyber security hygiene.
  • Embrace cyber resilience to protect infrastructure and data.
  • Report all cyber attack incidences to the police and responsible authorities for investigations.
  • Adapt to change in order to cope up with emerging trends.
  • Take interest in getting cyber security education.
  • Have interest in safeguarding and protecting critical infrastructure.

Participate in the fight against cybercrime and or cyber attacks and create a safe environment for our critical infrastructure through cyber security education and awareness.

Our critical Infrastructure matters: Think cyber security, think Infrastructure protection. Watch out for the next issue.

For your feedback, WhatsApp line: 0772 764 043, or e-mail:[email protected] Tom Muleyais a Detective Assistant Inspector working under the CID Commercial Crimes Division. He is also a member of the National Cyber Security Awareness Taskforce, Zimbabwe.

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