Think about money as a device, not the goal

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Think about money as a device, not the goal Money is essential for a good life, just like freedom and good health.

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Shacky Timburwa

“Those who master money are free to serve others still mastered by it,” wrote internationally acclaimed author Orrin Woodward.

We all agree that money is everywhere in society and it helps us function daily.

But we need to understand and know business fundamentals as young entrepreneurs, from tools to goals.

Did you know that you get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems you solve?

The index of your value is reflected by the people who look for you, your call log is a reflection of how valuable you are.

No matter how much wealth you amass, always be frugal in your expenditure.

Financial wisdom is when you master the art of being financially stealth and furtive, stack your money and act broke, have more than you show and speak less than you know.

Discipline, consistency, and perseverance will take you places motivation never could, most people won’t support you until they see it popular to support you.

One rule as a young entrepreneur is you should be so busy improving yourself that you don’t have time to pay attention to anyone or anything that distracts you from your growth.

Keep grinding, for the power of never giving up is real, you can be grinding for two years with no results and in the third year your grind becomes the biggest thing on the planet.

Keep going and stay patient daily for the secret of your future is contained in your daily routine.

Money should be the drive behind implementation not the goal, as attaining freedom should be the goal.

Don’t forget that!

However, here are some tips on creating goals beyond money:

Again, chasing more money is a futile journey that only leads us to stress and perpetual frustration.

So, if our goal is more money, we will never have enough of it.

There is always “more” money to obtain to spend on “more” material and experiential things.

From here, we can actually categorise and prioritise our most important goals.

The next step is quantifying them.

How much will each goal cost you and by when would you like to achieve them?

Is it possible to save enough money for by the specified time?

If not, can you cut out some of the cost or extend the date?

What if you dropped the lower level items on the list and simply focused on the high priority goals?

This process should show us a few things:

We see what is truly important to us.

We realise that money is not actually a goal, but a tool to help us along the way.

Our goals are flexible and can be adjusted to fit our financial circumstances.

Satisfaction is within our reach… we just need to plan for it.

In conclusion, money is not equivalent to success.

You could be rolling in cash, yet a failure — unhappy in life, unaccomplished, nobody.

Or living in a small house, yet successful — accomplished, happy, and productive.

Getting rich and amassing assets is easily what comes to mind in relation to success. So, we strive and work for money, increase incomes, and acquire more assets. The goal becomes the accumulation of financial wealth.

But setting money as the goal is misleading.

Money comes in numbers, and numbers are infinite.

One can never have enough money. If you are going to use money as your goal, you will always be going after an ever-increasing number, a never-ending series of goals. There will always be bigger houses, newer cars, and never worlds to conquer.

This is the reason why there are people who seem to have accumulated properties and wealth that will last way beyond their lifetime, yet remain seeking and unsatisfied.

They might look successful and accomplished to the world, but to their bones, they remain unfulfilled.

Money is essential for a good life, just like freedom and good health. But, putting money as your goal will only lead you to a frustrating and never-ending quest for success.

You will never achieve and experience true happiness and success, you will only have a pile of money. The clear solution is to create a career or a business out of your passion. Dedicate yourself to your profession and work hard to be the best in what you do.

The money will surely come later as a consequence of your great work and professionalism. And if you’re lucky, so will fame.

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