The word of the Lord for the nations – 2019 and onwards: Part 1

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The word of the Lord for the nations – 2019 and onwards: Part 1

The Herald


The year 2019/5779 is the year of the Church. There will be many stirrings and shakings, because judgement must begin in the house of the Lord first. A lot of shaking and shifting will take place in the Earth also. God is calling His people to win the harvest at any cost.

There is going to be a time of double portion, restoration, and restitution for those who have been faithful and those who have lost. There will be purging and purifying, and mass healing will pour out in the Earth for those who have been afflicted. God says that as we lift Him up, He will bring great men unto us. Many curses shall be broken, and many tongues will be silent in 2019.

We will also see the manifestation of Haggai 1:11. There will be drought upon the land/ground, mountain, grain, new wine, oil, men, livestock and the labour of your hands. Also, in 2019/5779, we will see a new era, new cycles, new direction, new counsel, new faith (The Manifestation), God’s supernatural power, wisdom, intercessory prayer, and increase of grace.


The Antichrist spirit will rise as never before. Many countries will begin to release radio-frequency identification (RFID), biometrics, and tracking devices, especially among the poor. Many will come in ID forms and other formats. As in Revelation 13, the Beast and the Dragon will blaspheme God and ridicule Christians. A system is coming in place in the West and will be revealed in America that will open the eyes of Christians in America. It has already started in Canada and Europe.

There will be great problems with the communication systems and massive disruptions with land and water worldwide. Major attacks will take place on communication systems.

Many storms will come to an end, and many will begin to receive the goodness of God upon their lives. Also, a lot of birthing will take place in 2019. A lot of people will be getting pregnant; spiritual and natural conception will take place in 2019.


It will also be the year of the rainbow, dealing with universal covenant and righteousness. A lot of false doctrines will arise, and many will be deceived in 2019. It will also be the year of blessing and curse (Genesis 9:25-29) and the year of agreement, covenant, circumcision, and consecration. We will see a lot of agreements and circumcisions. Abraham was 99 years of age and circumcised physically (Genesis 17: 24).

The year 2019/5779 is one of restoration, the Holy Spirit, jubilee, and liberty (Leviticus 25:10). It is the year of universality, the year of the nine Fruits of the Spirit. The year of harvest, fruits of your labour, and the manifestation of the nine gifts of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23; 1 Corinthians 12:8-10).

The year 2019/5779 is one of atonement, preparation, obedience, intercession, redemption and blessing from above for the faithful. The year of Jesus Christ and His blood (Leviticus 9). The year of grace and finality, judgement, and divine completeness. The year of Righteous ordinance. Many will be set free from the wilderness, oppression, and bondage; and then they will cross over in 2019. It will also be the year of confusion, and the tower of Babel will fall. There will be manifestation of evil spirits in humans that has never been seen before. Additionally, 2019 is a year of great deception and God is calling the body of Christ to cry out for discernment of spirits. Be careful who you endorse and what you endorse. If a person’s focus is not on Jesus Christ, then they will fall away (Jeremiah 17:5-8).


Watch March 2019. Many things will happen. There will be shakings. Many will ask why, others will say, ‘It can’t be!’ We will also see in some parts of the Earth drought like never before. Massive starvation will take place, even the very rich will be impacted. The playing field will be levelled. For the Lord said that he will make provisions for the poor who have been despised. Many poor shall begin to rise. More bush fires will break out in other areas, and more lives will be lost. The luxurious living for many rich will come to an end.

In 2019, we will see exposure at levels we have never seen before, particularly among political leaders globally. There will be many plots, fabrications, and murders and the question many will ask is, ‘Who can we trust?’ Many who are speaking against corruption are the ones who are actually involved. The Lord says no one is safe – He will expose many. More journalists will be murdered as they try to expose high-level corruption.

There will be great deception that will hit both Christendom and the secular world. Many people will turn against their leader, which will result in secret/contract killings. We will see economies rise in some countries and fall in others. There will be confusion and unknown illnesses. We will even see situations similar to the French Revolution of 1789 emerging once again.

An undermining is coming – the leaders of some countries infiltrating other countries they think have oil and other resources to rob them of it. It is worldwide. There are scientists trained to go into countries as tourists and learn everything from the locals. They have been sent. But it shall come to pass that a worldwide evangelistic encounter will hit the Earth. The Holy Ghost will be with His people, and there are those who will bow.


Finally, 2019/5779 will be the year of the manifestation of the four horses as in Revelation and Zechariah – the white horse, the red horse, the black horse and the pale horse.

White horse – symbol of international power and politics in the form of military conquest and global deception. Many countries will be conquered through loans that they are borrowing from other countries. This is a warning for countries that keep borrowing. Many loans will default, and many countries will find themselves in trouble.

Red horse – symbol of civil war and strife.

Black horse – symbol of economic disruption. There will be inflation; things will become scarce. There will be labour problems and low wages. There will be rampant starvation, and God wants His people to stockpile. Stockpile water and gold. GREAT SHIFTS IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY!

Pale horse – symbol of disease and death, devastation that will break out. Shortage of medication will take place. More problems within the ocean. More fish will die.

Study Revelation, read the seven letters to the Church. – Jamaica Gleaner

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