The Top Games to Try Out in Zimbabwe in 2023

In recent years, the Zimbabwean gaming market has boomed as more people than ever turn to gaming in their free time. Economic growth in the country is facilitating personal investment in smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles, whilst internet access is widening. 

There is also a growing interest in competitive gaming, with big yearly events attracting a substantial viewership from Zimbabwe. 

Yearly video game revenue has been growing steadily over the past few years and is expected to accelerate further this decade. Mobile gaming holds the largest share in the market, but both download and online games are growing at a quicker rate. 

With this year set to be the biggest yet for gaming in Zimbabwe, these are the best games to try. 


Minecraft’s simple yet extremely fun gameplay has culminated in it becoming the best selling videogame of all time. A sandbox survival game, there is a strong emphasis on creativity and construction using the world’s unique physics and design. 

Despite previously being a PC exclusive, after Microsoft’s purchase, the game now has a version for every platform. The mobile version ranks 2nd on the most purchased list, for a price of $7.49.

Minecraft is a live service game, meaning the game is frequently updated with new features that significantly alter gameplay. 

Candy Crush 

Candy Crush epitomises casual and fun mobile gaming, which has been instrumental in its worldwide success. The gameplay is simple, requiring the player to match three or more candies to burst them and score points. 

To complete the level, simply reach the acquired score in the designated number of moves. This is easier said than done, so make every swipe count. 

With thousands of stages already developed and more added constantly, Candy Crush provides near endless hours of entertainment. 

Candy Crush is also the most downloaded mobile game in Zimbabwe, as is the case in many other countries. The fact that the game is completely free means there’s little reason to not try it out. 

Casino Games

The online casino games with sites like Virgin Games genre has itself seen a boom in Zimbabwe, attracting countless new players. From poker to blackjack, the variety in the games offered by online casinos has contributed significantly to their widespread appeal. 

Teen Patti Gold Poker and Rummy is currently the most downloaded free casino game. Slots are also very popular, with plenty of free games on mobile app stores, including Eye of Atum and Pharoah’s Gain.


Football Manager 

As the country’s most beloved sport, most Zimbabweans will almost certainly adore the Football Manager series. The player’s responsibilities include signing players, implementing tactics and choosing the team’s starting XI. 

However, unlike FIFA and many other football games, the players on the pitch can’t be directly controlled. 

Teams on both the domestic and international stage can be managed, including Zimbabwe’s national team and the South African first division. 

Yearly releases mean the game is constantly evolving, adding new and updated features. These are more often than not very well received, and an underwhelming Football Manager release is a rarity.

The 2023 mobile version currently sits at 8th in the app store’s list of most popular games. 


Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is an open-world action adventure game that takes place in a vibrant fictional city. The player is given near total freedom and can choose to engage in missions or aimlessly explore the vast metropolis. 

Despite its release nearly a decade ago, the San Andreas mobile version remains the sixth most popular paid game. The mobile Vice City release is also extremely popular, and sits at tenth on the list of most popular paid games. 

The fifth instalment was one of the recent memory’s most eagerly anticipated titles, and easily broke sales records. With a sixth Grand Theft Auto title reportedly in development, now is a great time to get invested in the franchise.



Another title that football fans will be sure to love, FIFA is the world’s biggest footballing game. FIFA lets the player control a team from leagues all over the world, and compete in various different modes. 

There’s the choice of multiplayer quick matches, or starting a single player to name a couple. Alternative, the Ultimate Team mode lets you build your dream squad, mixing players from any league and challenging others online. 

Ultimate Team is undoubtedly the game’s most popular game with a substantial active player base. 

FIFA has released across every platform, including a free mobile version that is currently Zimbabwe’s 7th most downloaded free game. 


There Are Plenty of Games that Zimbabweans Will Love 

Through increased accessibility, gaming is quickly etching itself into the culture of Zimbabwe. New gamers are rampant, as many people take their first steps in the world of gaming.

Whether on a computer, gaming console or mobile device, there are a number of must-try games for 2023. 


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