The resilience of Zimbabwe to the economic sanctions

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The resilience of Zimbabwe  to the economic sanctions

The Herald

Hungry, sorrowful

Beaten, stricken and wiped down by sanctions

O’ don’t they hear my cry?

Rivers flowing from my eyes have become part of me.

I lament every single day.

Like a dinosaur, I seem to be extinct in their eye.

O’ thou West what have I done to deserve your wrath.

Indeed, I’ve heard them gossip about me.

They say liquidity crunch is my totem.

Financial constraints my weakness.

Inflation a dominant allele within my body. A cursed land.

It’s true, I’m struggling to provide for my children.

Yes, dark clouds surround me,

But know in every dark cloud there is a silver lining.

I won’t lose hope.

I will once again fend for my children.

I won’t give up. I will still go on.

At least I have China by my side.

She has indeed proven to be an all-weather friend.

She came and invested in me.

She has hope in me while others don’t.

The sanctions that have stricken me haven’t stopped her from trading with me.

It’s true, when the sky turned black no one wanted to see my face.

But she came and visited me.

She gave me the foreign currency I’m desperately in need of.

Thanks to you I’m finally gaining my ground. I’ve tried many ways to reconcile with them, But they seem to pay a deaf ear.

Even though it’s very difficult to impress them. I will not stop trying.

I know the storm is about to end,

I can feel it in my guts.

I know one day I shall show the world my beautiful smile again.

I will laugh and dance with no tears in my eyes

Zimbabwean joy shall fill the air again.

I’m going to get through these Sanctions.How I long for that time.

By Tadiwanashe Kundhlande


Reign, rain;

It had been very windy down the hill;

Yesterday She had a cough,

She could barely say a full statement,

She could feel the earth quake and tremble

The cancer, sucking the little life she had left


Rain, reign,

She found balance through the storm,

Ray’ of light,

Brought rain to the Old Musas down the parched street,

She buckled a belt of industry reopening

Because she had a long way,

I saw her dab a powder of diversificationin good production and exportation,

Of course she did not forget to wear the sandles of friendship,

She extended new boundaries and strengthened all,

Now she maximised on internal reduction on expenditure,

Encouraged her little ones to work,

Took her youth to see the world,

And treasured each natural resource,

And she got better,

And no ray can burn her up,

Now almost to REIGN

She just awaits,

A strike of rain.

By Panashe Hazel Munjoma

When we speak, our voices are not heard.

We try to embark on a new leaf but sanctions are put in our path.

We seek for a second chance but zero.

The administration of economic sanctions on Zimbabwe has heavily impacted on our journey as Zimbabweans.

Our mission is to thrive for the best but we are not given the chance.

Through the voice of one united nation a lot will be restored.

The heavy sanctions have put an effect on our society.

Our status has changed.

We cannot succeed in making Zimbabwe home for everyone, due to these sanctions.

Opportunities have been closed.

Zimbabwe has the power to unleash its potential in making it big one day.

It shall be recognised as a member of the community.

Flowers of the earth (people) are dying or emaciated due to the sanctions laid upon Zimbabwe.

Dreams are fading, leaders are dying due to lack of investment, till when will this continue?

Our lives are forsaken to the word sanctions

We cannot grow due to sanctions.

The economic sanctions placed upon Zimbabwe

Stand on its doorway to success.

They came as a pitfall in many lives.

The word sanctions has made Zimbabweans lose hope in finding a place in the greener pastures.

The administration of illegal sanctions has waylaid Zimbabwe’s future.

As Zimbabweans we should fight for the removal of sanctions.

As a united nation we shall stand firmly on our roots and fight for our future.

Many lives back the removal of sanctions. 

Tomorrow is yet to be remade.

Let’s stand firmly as history makes its way through the removal of sanctions.

By Tanyaradzwa Chisunga


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