The power of a praying student

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The power of a praying student Pray without ceasing

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Latwell Nyangu Youth Interactive Writer

College is an electrifying and life-changing experience. It is a fantastic opportunity to make friends, meet new people, and learn about your interests both personally and professionally.

While, you ruminate over all those happen stances, the bottom line is taking home a certificate. But don’t think it will be a walk in the park as we have to brace for spiritual wickedness which aims to disrupt our breakthroughs.

At times the blame comes upon us, but should we continue to blame ourselves for failing at college? Who dreams of going to university so that they fail, no one unless you live in a vice-versa world.

Campus Reflections will use a bible verse from Ephesians 6:12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The verse proves that we fight against spiritual powers. Many times, some families have even gone back to the roots to ask their ancestors what wrongs have they done for their failing children.

While, I am not in a position to despise anyone’s belief, if you believe in a stone or a tree or anything, tell them to deal with spiritual background.

But a prayer helps to cast some of these retrogressive spirits, my fellow students.

In whatever way of communication, cry to them, so that you are set free. Students are the most fought individuals so that they don’t succeed. Believe me where we come from matters most the moment we set our foot on campuses.

Getting to college is inspired by an obvious mission to complete the course but when the spirits descend upon you, we lose our way.

At times, the ‘spirits’ can force you to abscond lectures, hate lecturers, squander school fees, being promiscuous, drugs, among a list of things.

When such happens know that the regressive spirits are after you. Please pray in any way that you believe.

Mweya yekumadzinza exist, and they want us to remain in poverty.

It’s my wish, Campus Reflections cast some background related spirits.

If you think you only fight academic war at college, please recheck that thought. As students we have wars, that some of which require us chasing away the spirits which do not require us to propel.

Some colleges have introduced, Scripture Unions (SU), just to help in prayer. Prayer saves and breaks the chains.

Like I said, our prayers differ in backgrounds, as long it brings hope to you, pray your way.

This other day, I was travelling and I happened to overhear a conversation between two mothers. Their issue was about celebrating breakthroughs of their children, one of which had managed four O Level subjects, while the other had produced three points at A Level.

The conversation made me to ponder over how success is measured differently. Some struggle with 5 Os while some it’s a walk over. Of much interest, was the issue of background spirits.

The mothers were thanking God for breaking the chains of stagnancy in their children’s breakthrough. Hail that mother who prays for you as you descend to college.

Most success stories have been linked to God, pay attention to any success story, the winners always give glory to God.

We should also understand that, it is not God who gives answers in an exam, but God fights spirits which make you fail to turn up for an exam, make you fail to answer easy questions, spirits which make you sick prior to an exam.

The background spirits give you a certain bravery to answer a question which you don’t have many points, just to make sure you fail.

The background spirits make sure you have a pen that struggles to write properly. Backgrounds spirits make you sleep in an exam, do you think it’s normal to take nap in an exam? Such spirits push you to delay going to an exam.

Many fellow students always asked me, why I would get in an exam five minutes before starting time but mine was a trade mark. It then becomes an issues when I don’t turn up, the spirits will be at work.

Ask yourself how many times you have faced problems towards exams. Some students get sick during exams, some  have problems with candidate numbers.

The list is huge and we all know what follows us at school.

Some get pregnant in the course of the academic journey, do you think the pregnancy is planned, I don’t think so, because, why get pregnant towards exams?

We have to pray, anyone who succeeds, owes God a thank you.

At times I laugh at those self-confessed sangomas or prophets who advertise that they can make you pass, do you think they give you answers for an exam, they even say, 100 percent pass rate, that’s nonsense.

If you don’t read, you will sink like nobody’s business. Read and then seek wisdom and a better memory so that you won’t forget easily. But don’t give God your tasks. Should we blame God for failure if we don’t read, no.

We ought to pray my fellow scholars.

A prayer, before an exam plays some magic, but there is no free meal at college, you have to work hard and God will play his part.

The spirits keep hovering upon us, just to make sure we don’t achieve our goals.

Death can visit us prior to the exams, accidents can happen on our way to the exam.

I have seen many students deferring after falling sick in an exam. The background spirits have no mercy.

Don’t relax, read, read and pray, the war is not easy.

We also run different races, that some achieve their goals so easily while some have to sweat for the breakthrough.

But pray my fellow students, we are in a battlefield with our background spirits.

Pray without ceasing for we are in a war with the spiritual world!

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