The plumage that shook the world

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The plumage that shook the world Nigerian musician Davido and his friends as lobola guests

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Fashion 263

It was more of a fashion extravaganza than a lobola binge.

The plumage that came in all shades of green, the wine, the whisky and little everything else was just fashionable. It was a clear fashion statement.  And, then that is why the debate rages on who the actual winner was: Nigeria 1 – Zimbabwe 0 or vice versa?

The whole week, social media was awash with images and news stories of the power couple fashionista Daniella Allen and Nigerian business mogul Mr Igho Ubiribo affectionately known as “Tiny” in the socialite circles. Forget about the lobola ceremony, let’s focus on the fashion statements.

Some are of the opinion that the Nigerians brought the class and swag as all invited guests (Zimbabwean socialites) had the same material with the in-laws.

Fashion is about style.

According to a source, all invited guests were given the clothing material on time so that they could design it their style.

Should we say some of our local socialites were ignorant and did not take the script too seriously? The Nigerians did simple outfits and some of our celebrities went all out coming up with fancy designs.

As the theme was green, I am sure Beyonce and Kim Kardashian would be green with envy when they see images of Pamela Hakunavanhu and her husband Martin, Trish Carmen, Ms Shally, Jackie Ngarande, Pokello, Luminista and Tanya Chikuni among others.

Well, ladies you represented Zimbabwe so well and kudos to the local designers who made the outfits.

Jackie Ngarande flanked by Martin (Jnr) and Mudiwa

I am still surprised why some of our locals are trolling our socialites who attended the ceremony. 

For a start they pulled it well, Mike Chimombe, Chief J and Martin Hakunavanhu and your boys, I salute you for the efforts.

One thing this lobola ceremony will do in the history of Zimbabwe Trendy Weddings book is that the couple managed to control their invited guests by telling them how they should dress up.

By the way, they were very strict on that.

Gone are the days when guests would come to weddings trying to outsmart the couple, at least on this one, no matter how big or powerful you were, from Pokello to Davido everyone was in uniform, so to speak.

Now we wait and see how the wedding will be like, but the couple promised fireworks.

Back to our normal wardrobe, some have said that the new year comes with many changes,especially how people do things. Some draw up new year’s resolutions, while others are keen on changing their style because they want to look even more presentable. 

Here’s a guide courtesy of Thobile Mazibuko of how you can improve your style without changing your entire wardrobe.

Use everyday essentials 

Simple and versatile, you can be sure that chains, rings, hoops,and charms will effortlessly elevate any look.

These timeless staples can be styled and stacked in any way your heart desires, so let your creativity loose with these must-have pieces.

Add signature flair 

If you want to add more flair toyour signature style try out Cosmic Gems and Zodiac Collections for beautifully personal necklaces, rings, studs and pendants.

Sensational stacks

Layer your jewellery, mix metals, experiment with lengths and textures, and have fun expressing yourself with a uniquely curated stack. Get ready to experiment with what ‘your style, your way’ really means this year, because every day is an opportunity to try out a luxe new look.

Recreate your clothes

Just because you bought something as a shirt doesn’t mean that’s the only way to wear it. You can also wear it as a skirt. Always find a way to be creative using the same clothing items.


On another note trending in the fashion world, according to Hollywood actress Carrie Bradshaw for ladies this year it is about heels.

“I’m very comfortable in heels. The higher the better”, she said.

Carrie makes wearing heels so easy.

In “And Just Like That”, movie, the heels-obsessed character is mortified when she is forced to wear flats in an episode where she needs hip surgery.

Now that life is returning to anew kind of normal, high heels are back in a big way.

Some fashion critics have said that women are dusting off their red-soled Louboutins and stepping out on a high whenever they can. 

“Like Carrie, there are women who simply cannot be without their heels.“Wearing heels can make any woman feel powerful, but if you’re not used to wearing them, you can look and feel like a newborn gazelle struggling to balance, rather than a graceful flamingo. If you’re a first-timer, you’ll soon realize that strutting in heels all day can be quite painful,” wrote fashion enthusiastic Gerry Cupido.

She shared a few tips on how to ease your way into wearing heels.

Get the size right 

This might sound like the most obvious thing to do but you would be surprised how many women would buy a shoe they love even if it’s a size-bigger.

Wearing heels that are a size up will have you sliding in your shoes. A size smaller will, of course, pinch your toes, or if it is an open toe shoe or sandal, your toes will hang over the front. 

Not an attractive look!

Leave the 6-inch pin nail stilettos to the experts. 

Unless you intend sitting down for most of the day or perhaps going to a special occasion that won’t require much movement, these super high stilettos are not for you. Not yet anyway. Block heels are still bang on trend. They add the height you’re looking for an dare far more comfortable. Otherwise simply opt for a lower heel.

Padding helps

Gel foot pads are the best thing that could ever have happened for the lover of heels. These silicone pads help prevent the foot from sliding forward which helps to protect your toes, as well as reduce the pains experienced on the ball of your foot.

Stretch it out

Take a load off for a few minutes to give your feet a little rub,stretch your toes and rotate your ankles. Stretch your toes by pointing them down and then pulling them back up. Move your foot in circular movements to bring some relief to your ankles.

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