The Patriotic Bill, a necessity for Vision 2030

Engineer Tinashe Kenneth Madira

The Second Republic has been acting in accordance with its ideals under the capable leadership of His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Our motherland’s beauty was no longer a marvel to its people or to the world at large. 

The National Development Strategy1 (NDS1)’s flagship projects, many of which have already been completed or are almost finished, such as the expansion of the Harare-Beitbridge Road and the refurbishment of the Robert Mugabe International Airport, are clear examples of how far the country has come. 

Many Zimbabweans had given up on their nation, yet the hitherto subdued giant in Southern Africa has risen. Zimbabwe nevene vayo ichivakwa. 

Today, the 2030 vision is a reality. Zimbabwe’s economic effort will improve the country’s reputation and draw in foreign investment. 

We now have a national reputation for being developers. 

Africans who now have confidence in their own skills.  

Illegal sanctions were placed on Zimbabwe in 2002 with the intention of crippling our economy and impeding the progress of our nation. 

This was carried out because we, the people of Zimbabwe, reclaimed the land that is rightfully ours and for which our comrades’ and ancestors sacrificed their lives. 

The place where we get our identity and claim to sovereignty. Let’s unify as Zimbabweans to protect our national interests. Let’s stand up for our history. We ought to take the reins and lead. 

To our country, we must be patriotic. Zimbabwe is an independent and sovereign nation. Zimbabwe is our God given home.  Due to lobbying by some citizens of this country for personal gain, illegal sanctions were imposed. 

We Zimbabweans are really proud of themselves. Many industries, but especially the health sector, will be severely impacted when these illegitimate sanctions collapse the economy.

In 2002 illegal sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe in a move that was meant to cripple our economy and also to hinder the development of our country. 

This was done because we as Zimbabweans had taken back our land which is rightfully ours, what our fellow ancestors died for. 

The land which gives us our identity, our sovereign claim. As Zimbabweans let’s be united when it comes to our national interests. Let’s defend our heritage. We should lead from the front. 

We must be patriotic to our nation. Zimbabwe is a sovereign state. Illegal sanctions came to be as a result of lobbying by certain individuals of this nation for selfish reasons. 

Where is our pride as Zimbabweans. These illegal sanctions when they cripple the economy, many sectors especially the health sector will be greatly affected. 

Many Zimbabweans will continue to die due to limited quality health services and access. 

Fortunately, our government prioritizes the needs of the people. With the introduction of the “Patriotic Bill,” an amendment to the Criminal Law Code, the law has been changed. Acts that “willfully damage the sovereignty and national interest of Zimbabwe” are made crimes by the amendment itself. As of right present, there is a “protection bill” called the Patriotic Bill. To protect Zimbabweans from those who are out to further their own personal and selfish interests. 

To hold accountable anyone who disobeys Zimbabwe’s national edict.

Zimbabweans, we must advance the interests of our nation. It is who we are. President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, His Excellency, needs our help. The Western handlers’ story about him being soiled is incorrect. 

He is always pursuing engagement and reengagement, which is beneficial for the country’s trade and growth. 

This effort has already begun to pay off, as was clear when his Excellency the President of Belarus visited Zimbabwe to deepen bilateral commercial ties. 

The President wants Zimbabwe to be a great country for both the present and the future generations. Some take joy in traveling the world to harm their country’s reputation by spreading false information about it, demonising it and causing trade boycotts and disseminating a false narrative about our beloved Zimbabwe that is based on self-serving interests. 

Advice cannot be given by those who apply unlawful sanctions. Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi did not sacrifice their lives for this. 

We cannot conspire with those who wish to destroy our country. 

The legislation defends Zimbabwe from such individuals. It presents a chance for us to cooperate in order to uphold the rule of law in our nation  

 The second republic has so far made tremendous progress that keeps the lives of common Zimbabweans better while leaving no one and no place behind. 

Out of the 235 promises made under his excellency’s direction, 187 have been carried out satisfactorily. 

The possibility of a better Zimbabwe is now apparent, but some people still decide to obstruct development by wrecking our nation’s economy, taking pleasure in Zimbabweans’ suffering. 

We need to alter our story so that we no longer see things negatively. Yet despite the conflict, the enemy is still present. Why are the handlers in the west working together to form non-governmental organizations in Zimbabwe? 

Why are media outlets being built whose primary objective is to damage public perception of our country? 

Why are they now making political parties into proxies for their own egotistical and anti-democratic goals? National interests should serve as the foundation for political parties. 

Why is our country under constant attack. Reclaiming the land under our sovereign claim was never wrong. 

The interests of our nation should always come first, and we should refrain from criminalising actions that hate and disparage it.

 Why do we tolerate Zimbabweans being used against their own country?  Because we have standards, beliefs, and ideals as Zimbabweans, we should protect our history and culture. 

Western manipulators should not lead us to assault our currency; instead, we should stand and defend our sense of national pride. We ought to honor the Patriotic Bill. Why can’t Zimbabwe have laws like that as we are a sovereign nation while other nations do? 

Why is it that the Logan Act, the USA Patriotic Act, and the Anti-Communist Act, which forbids unregistered Americans from engaging in negotiations with foreign governments, are considered as not draconian laws in the United States of America? 

Why is it that individuals who promote western objectives and hold misguided beliefs perceive the law as harsh and restrictive when it comes to Zimbabwe? 

The guilty are, in fact, constantly afraid. Let’s not forget the reasons we sing the national anthem with pride. Rise, Zimbabweans.  My bones shall rise, in Ambuya Nehanda’s words, “Mapfupa angu achamuka.” Do not let us support the nation’s critics, the country’s detractors.

Why should Zimbabweans deal with foreign nations that are and always will be opposed to the country and seek to destroy it? 

We shouldn’t ever be so greedy for power that we abandon our own country by putting innocent Zimbabweans through hardship. 

Surely it is necessary to make those with self-serving motivations pay who expose Zimbabwe to risks to our national security. 

There is no need to aid in the subversion of our country by hostile nations or to enable our adversaries to seize power. Illegal sanctions are currently being used on Zimbabwe, preventing any kind of growth or prospect of receiving any foreign aid. We ought to support our nation and refrain from disparaging our cherished nation. 

Why do we mistakenly believe that being patriotic requires us to support a particular political party when, in reality, it merely means we genuinely love our country, Zimbabwe? 

Patriotism has no political affiliations and is unaffiliated with any party. 

All Zimbabweans must be patriotic because it protects the country’s interests from outside aggression. We must unite as a group and decolonize our thinking.

 The long-term interests of our country should always be our first priority. 

Always proudly raising our Zimbabwean flag. Be a nation of principles, Zimbabwe. For vision 2030 to be a success, the Patriotic Bill is required.

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