The other side of Taka Mashonganyika Taka Mashonganyika

Godwin Muzari Arts Editor

Mike Taka Mashonganyika is a popular name in showbiz. Popularly known as Taka, the man has worked with some of the top musicians in the country while he has run numerous popular joints, especially in Highfield where he hails from.

He was one of the popular faces behind the hugely successful “40 Years of Tuku Music” that was held at Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton to celebrate the superstar’s four decades in music.

The concert pulled a record crowd and memories of the great event will last forever. The relationship between Taka and Tuku is bound by their childhood background in Highfield.

It is this same ghetto where Taka has gone back with a new mission. A mission to make a difference politically.

He is contesting for the Member of Parliament seat for Highfield East constituency in the upcoming harmonised elections on Zanu PF ticket.

To Highfield, he is a son of the hood who has never forgotten his roots. After growing up in the area and writing his own success stories in many areas, which took him to many places, Taka did not forget his roots.

His business empire has its roots in Highfield where he has run various investments. He has seen it all in the area as a child and as an adult and believes now is the time to make a difference.

Having learnt a lot from his mother Idah Mashonganyika who was Zanu PF National Assembly representative and Senator, Taka believes he is now mature to make his political statement. His promises to the electorate are real.

“My heart is mainly with the youths. I see them on street corners, but I know they have potential in many disciplines. If I get into Parliament, I will facilitate funds for income-generating projects for them,” said Taka.

“Some of them have natural talents in sports and arts. They just need assistance to get exposure. Many people worldwide are making a living from arts and sports. I have held sports galas, beauty pageants and music shows in Highfield and discovered that there is a lot of talent. I will help expose such talent to assist the youths.”

In terms of services, Taka said he is worried about housing, water, road networks and other essential life necessities.

“I drilled a borehole in the area to give people better drinking water. Water from taps is dirty. Roads have gone bad without attention in the constituency. People have been paying rates for council houses for many years without getting title deeds. They have paid so much money with which they would have bought many houses. They remain slaves of the council and my dream is to redeem them.

“There so many concerns I have observed and heard from parents and the elderly. I will do my best to bring difference to the community.”

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