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SOLOMON MUJURUTakunda Maodza Assistant News Editor
DETAILS of the late Retired General Solomon Mujuru’s vast empire have started emerging despite concerted efforts by his widow, former Vice President Joice Mujuru, to conceal the riches, The Herald can reveal.

Rtd Gen Mujuru died in August 2011 in an inferno, leaving behind an empire ranging from real estate, pharmaceutical, farming, to diamond mining – igniting a battle between Mrs Mujuru and some of the intended beneficiaries – mainly children.

Documents in The Herald’s possession show that Rtd Gen Mujuru ranked among the richest people in the country.

He had 100 percent shareholding in such companies as Kalmic Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Maidei Kumbirai (Pvt) Ltd, Rylance Farms, Tapfumaneyi Holdings, J and H Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, Oriel Pharmacy (Pvt) Ltd and a 50 percent stake in Kupukile Resources (Pvt) Ltd.

Kupukile Resources (Pvt) Ltd was Rtd Gen Mujuru’s investment vehicle that had equity in River Ranch Diamond Mine in Beitbridge.

Rtd Gen Mujuru also had 100 percent shareholding in Thurlow and Company (Pvt) Ltd and Kumirinje Farms (Pvt) Ltd.

He had a million shares in hospitality firm Africa Sun, a stake in Ruwa Golf Resort Holdings, Merzig Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, Zimbabwe Motor Assemblers and Distributors (Pvt) Ltd.

According to documents submitted to the executor of Rtd Gen Mujuru’s estate, Mr Stern Mufara, by the hero’s lawyer, Mr Thakor Kewada, the late general also had vast interests in real estate judging by the inventory of the houses he owned.

Mr Kewada cites the following properties as belonging to Rtd Gen Mujuru, Stand 95 Hogerty Hill Township 3 of Hogerty Hill A, measuring 1,4 hectares, Stand 96 Hogerty Hill Township 3 of Hogerty Hill A, measuring 555 square metres, and Stand 810 Marandellas Township.

He also had three other properties cited as Remainder of Sebastopol (in Goromonzi measuring 329ha) Inverangus of Sebastopol (also in Goromonzi 304ha) and Stand 9 Tara Township of Tara of Sebastopol (6,4ha in Goromonzi).

“All the above three properties were held by or transferred to J and H Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd and held under Deed of Transfer No. 4269/83, which title deed was collected by General Mujuru on 8th October 2004 as he sold one portion of the land to Damafolds Investments. The shares of J and H Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd were held by a number of individuals of the James Henry Verwey Family. They each signed declarations of trust and dividend waivers in favour of General Mujuru or his nominees being the Solomon Mujuru Family Trust. The original title deed and declarations of Trust and dividend waivers were retained by General Mujuru,” wrote Mr Kewada.

Gen Mujuru also owned Lot 1 of Lot 283 of Greendale, which property was subdivided to create Stand 1113 Greendale Township, House Number 18 Coghlan Road Greendale and Number 4 Springfield Close, Chisipite in Harare.

With regards to River Ranch Limited, Gen Mujuru’s Kupukile Resources had 5 000 shares as at August 17, 2007.

In Zimbabwe Motor Assemblers and Distributors (Pvt) Ltd he had 4 430 shares, while in Zimbabwe Sun Limited Gen Mujuru had a million shares under his company Tapfumaneyi Holdings (Pvt) Ltd c/o Interfin Merchant Bank.

He had shareholding in Ruwa Golf Properties (200), Ruwa Golf Resort (10).

At times Gen Mujuru would buy a property, but fail to transfer ownership to his name by not paying his lawyers such things as conveyancing fees.

Such properties included Stand 75 Shamva Township and Stand 5735 Warren Park.

Gen Mujuru also owned Remainder of Shamva Mine A, Shamva Mine B, Hexagon and Hexagon Extension.

In Bindura, Gen Mujuru owned Stands 22, 23 and 24 of Bindura Township.

Furthermore, Gen Mujuru owned Stand 214 Bindura Township, Stand 241 (Bindura Township), Stand 18 Bindura Township, Stand 449 Bindura Township and Lot 1 Ballantry.

In Chiwaridzo Drive in Bindura, Gen Mujuru owned stands 1399, 1400, 1401, 1402 and 1403.

In Shamva he had two undeveloped stands.

“In addition to the above, the General was the beneficial “owner” of the Beatrice Farm (where he died) together with all farming implements and farming assets,” notes Mr Kewada.

“The residential property at 4 Springfield Close, Chisipite, Harare. He bought this land and the next door land from or through a Mr Chapfika who developed the land with the buildings currently on the property. The General paid for the lands and buildings in full. He instructed Chapfika to transfer the properties to one of his companies,” notes Mr Kewada.

He added: “Apart from the farms and lands, the General bought J and H Enterprises, he owned another farm in Ruwa and also Atherston Farm in Bindura.

Gen Mujuru also had Hexagon Farm.

“We have no knowledge nor any details of the Gold Mines the General owned but we are aware one of his daughters (Nyasha) and her husband operates one of the General’s Gold Mines. The General may have owned other assets of which we have no knowledge of,” further stated Mr Kewada.

The estate executor, Mr Mufara, is unhappy with the reluctance by Mrs Mujuru to co-operate in the identification of properties her husband owned.

In a letter to Mrs Mujuru’s lawyer Kantor and Immerman dated June 16, 2015, he said: “Mr Kewada’s letter/schedule of assets does not include movable property. Since your client did not compile any inventory as per your earlier advise, I will be attending to compiling the inventories and evaluation of the movable and immovable properties for purposes of determining the value of the deceased’s shareholding in the following entities… Rylance Farm (Pvt) Ltd, Ruzambu Farm (Pvt) Ltd…”

He also demanded a schedule of Income and Expenditure for all the rentals collected by Mrs Mujuru from properties owned by Gen Mujuru.

“I also request the financial statements of the following companies from your client as at 16 August 2011 and thereafter to today’s date: Rylance Farms (Pvt) Ltd, Backbarrow (Pvt) Ltd, ZAMASCA, Desirable Investments (Pvt) Ltd, Turn Point – Karoi. Micah Gold Processing Plant, Natural Stones (Pvt) Ltd, Kupukile Resources (Pvt) Ltd.”

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