The movie finds Tarzan up in England, all civilised and respectable and Lord Greystoke-like, residing in his manor with wife Jane, something of a London celebrity and man of influence. 

Happy Saturday!!!

The chilly weather is about to end as we get ready for August.

August is the eighth month of the year and the sixth month of the Roman calendar.

One good thing about the month of August is that in Zimbabwe it is Summer yet the season will be Autumn.

Let’s not dwell much on that as we still have a week ahead.

So yesterday at Westgate and Eastgate Ster Kinekor theatres the much awaited movie “Tarzan” premièred with a high number of boys and young men attending the event.

Yes, it’s a boy thing just like the “Jungle Book,” after watching the movie I can say I can give it a five.

Anyway sometimes you have to wonder how certain movies get made.

I have no special knowledge of the production of “The Legend of Tarzan” but I have to imagine that the movie spent such a long time in the development process that no one involved found a moment to look outside the Hollywood bubble and surmise that maybe right now in America isn’t the most opportune time to reboot a pop culture myth involving a quasi-superhero white guy who has dominion over the animals and certain peoples of Africa.

The movie finds Tarzan up in England, all civilised and respectable and Lord Greystoke-like, residing in his manor with wife Jane, something of a London celebrity and man of influence.

The trick of an invitation to check out Belgian’s “progress” in the Congo is offered to Tarzan — this is part of Rom’s trap — and Tarzan, I mean Lord Greystoke, I mean John Clayton, is disinclined to accept.

“The Legend of Tarzan” is a pretty good action-adventure movie.

It’s narrative is refreshingly free of bloat, folding the Tarzan origin story into a series of relatively pain-free flashbacks that actually dovetail credibly into its contemporary scenario.

It is a must a see but don’t expect too much.

The action adventure movie was written by Adam Cozad and Craig Brewer.

It was in theatres on first of July although as always in Zimbabwe we get it late.

In the celebville, our girl Kylie Jenner has done it again strutting her stuff in new advert.

She has recently been featured in a series of Instagram posts touting Puma’s Suede collection.

And on Wednesday the brand shared a short video featuring Kylie Jenner, as she flaunted her toned figure while modelling athleisure wear.

The 18-year-old brand ambassador looked stunning in a plunging black sports bra as she could be seen making a call at a pay phone.

Kylie’s toned stomach is on full display in the clip, as she can be seen sporting a pair of Puma underwear and coordinating, tapered sweatpants.

The reality star also flashes a detailed, Puma manicure, as well as a collection of gold statement rings.

Her eyes are hidden behind a pair of pink and black, over-sized sunglasses, and she sports natural make-up.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shows off a sleek, black bob in the video, while accessorising with large, chunky gold earrings.

Kylie’s look is finished, of course, with a pair of black and white Puma Suede sneakers.

The video shows the star checking a beeper before using a payphone to dial the number seven — showing off her Puma manicure in the process.

It then pans to a close-up of her nails as she holds the phone, down to her Puma Suede sneakers, and to her Puma sweatpants, sports bra, and grey and black zip-up jacket.

“Get your crew looking smooth as ever in #Suede. Call up your squad. Then head to @PUMAWomen to find out more,” the video was captioned.

The company had previously shared an Instagram of the revealing outfit as Kylie posed beside the pay phone from the clip.

Our gadget of the week is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 which is going for $499,99.

By the way it is 32GB and one of the nicest Android tablets with a gorgeous Super AMOLED display, a more refined body than its predecessor, and a powerful processor for excellent performance.

Thanks to its large 9.7-inch screen, it’s better suited for multitasking than its 8-inch counterpart, the Tab S2 8.0 best price at Amazon.

Like its smaller counterpart, the Tab S2 9.7 features a smooth, matte finish on the back and a subtle metal band around the body.

On the bottom you have a micro USB port and dual speakers, and on the right are volume and power buttons, along with a microSD slot that supports cards up to 128GB.

The camera is square in the middle of the back, and the small magnets that hold Samsung’s proprietary case to the tablet can be found on the back right.

The 32GB Tab S2 comes preloaded with 6.5GB of Samsung bloatware, like Milk Music, most of which cannot be deleted.

Don’t be left out and keep swaggering.

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