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The evolution of white supremacy Bob Carr, the former Australian foreign minister, pressured Uganda over its homosexual laws
Bob Carr, the former Australian foreign minister, pressured Uganda over its homosexual laws

Bob Carr, the former Australian foreign minister, pressured Uganda over its homosexual laws

White nations still esteem their ideas as supreme. The world must simply follow in tow

THE idea that white supremacy has given way to racial equality simply because we managed to violently overthrow its physical manifestation is poorly considered. A belief system cannot be diminished through violence.
It is worth noting that white power did not suffer an epiphany — suddenly realising the error of its ways and immediately forsaking its wickedness. Instead, following protracted struggles, the whites grudgingly ceded civil liberties and political independence while holding onto institutional power and a disproportionate dominance in global affairs through which they continue to further white interests.
We are witnessing a sophisticated evolution from domination by brute force to domination through seemingly colourless ideas and institutions. The unspoken doctrine of white supremacy is apparent in the manner in which these ideas and institutions are selectively wielded to serve the purposes of white people.

The savage Chinese
Take for instance the manner in which the Americans wailed themselves hoarse over alleged cyber attacks by Unit 61398, an elite team of Chinese hackers attached to the PLA.
This was roguish and unacceptable behaviour, they lectured.
The Chinese were vilified and portrayed as a menacing force threatening a peaceful and civilised world.

The sudden appearance of Edward Snowden in the midst of this China-bashing exposed the extent of American hypocrisy.
The Americans were doing the very things they accused the Chinese of and more. They are not only hacking into private companies like Siemens and stealing commercially valuable information but have gone so far as to set up clandestine infrastructure allowing them to indiscriminately hoover-up data from undersea cables.

Driven by a STASI-like desire to know everything about everyone, they have compromised encryption standards so they can break into secure communications. The Chinese look like amateurs.
However, this shameful hypocrisy is not met with contrition but straight-faced white supremacist justification. Good reasons are given as to why Western hacking is acceptable. The West is civilised and it is perfectly acceptable for it to hack into computer systems. They can be trusted unlike the ‘savage’ Chinese. This is the new face of white supremacy.

Cheap blood
These supremacist attitudes are evident in the manner in which the Western media cheapens the blood of non-whites.
Israeli spies have killed a number of Iranian nuclear scientists, attaching bombs to their vehicles and blowing them up in traffic. Western reporting of these murders takes a gleeful and malevolent tone. Under the cover of obscure ideas of global security it is permissible to kill an Iranian without charging them with any offence.

Imagine the outrage if Chinese agents abducted and killed an Oxford professor who was working on technologies the Chinese believed threatened their national interests.

Noam Chomsky made similar observations when American Special Forces entered Tripoli, opened fire on a public street and then bundled their target, Abu Anas al-Libi, into a vehicle before delivering him to an American warship in the Mediterranean. No extradition, no paperwork; just the power of brute force.

The Western media reported the event without offering the slightest hint that the Americans had violated international law.
American citizens would no doubt take a different view if Cuban Special Forces clandestinely entered America, fired weapons on the streets of Miami and abducted the prominent terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, taking him back to Cuba for interrogation.
A supremacist pattern begins to emerge. It is okay for white nations to violate international law because they are somehow noble and can be trusted to benevolently bend the rules where necessary.

The duplicity is pervasive. Consider how western nations have said they will keep contact with President Uhuru Kenyatta at a minimum given his case at The Hague. One wonders why similar treatment is not consistently dished out to other international criminals.
Israel continues to violate UN resolutions but has not been sanctioned by any of the white nations that often masquerade as guardians of the rule of law. While Kenyatta is merely an accused person who is still presumed innocent, Benjamin Netanyahu scoffs at international law as a matter of policy and continues to build settlements on Palestinian land.

Mugabe’s blood diamonds
We had been told that the Marange diamonds were in fact blood diamonds and that the military was using them to fund anti-democratic activities. Sanctions were duly imposed.

Black protestations by Sadc and the African Union fell on deaf ears.
It is only when the white Belgians expressed a desire to benefit from the trade in those allegedly bloody diamonds that the European Union suddenly changed its position, completely dropping the notion of any abuses being associated with those diamonds. The change of policy had nothing to do with changes here in black Zimbabwe; it was about the overriding supremacy of white Belgian interests.

Homosexuality is good
The white world has now embraced homosexuality, allowing gays to marry and adopt children. This has been accompanied by an aggressive campaign to shift global opinion on homosexuality. Those who resist this sudden departure from the traditional family unit are maligned as stone-age primitives and termed homophobes. Uganda is the latest victim of this cultural aggression.
While I disagree with Uganda’s criminalisation of homosexual sex, I accept that it is up to Ugandans to decide what manner of society they want to live in and that they must be allowed uninterrupted space to evolve as a society.

Alan Turing, the British code-breaker and computer pioneer, was chemically castrated for being gay. Nobody scolded Britain for that gross injustice. Again, it was only in 1973 that the American Psychiatric Association stopped describing homosexuality as a socio-pathic personality disturbance.

The Americans had no external prodding; they arrived at this of their own accord.
The whites are not as patient and everyone who is small enough to be bullied must now immediately see homosexuality as they do because theirs is the superior view.

Uganda had been threatened with the withdrawal of aid. The World Bank has made good on these threats and announced that a $90m loan earmarked for healthcare has been postponed, ostensibly to evaluate how the gay law will impact on development in the country. This is a clear abuse of what should be a multilateral institution to blackmail a sovereign nation into adopting policies that are at variance with its cultural persuasions. The Ugandans must embrace white values on homosexuality or die of disease.

White supremacy might now sport a less beastly mask but its selfish and cruel instincts remain very much unchanged.

Ndatenda, ndini muchembere wenyu Amai Jukwa.

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