The electorate is the ultimate boss


Ranson Madzamba Correspondent
The year 2018, that electoral year, is around the corner.

Some legislators think the only time they are supposed to regularly visit their constituencies is when they would be soliciting for votes from the electorate.

In the field of politics, playing such a game can be very dangerous.

Many times you see some legislators debating in Parliament over issues they do not have first hand information on because they are visitors to their constituencies. They debate issues in Parliament representing a constituency they rarely visit.

Some are actually good at criticising those good Samaritans who visit and help their people without their consent.

It is politics for one’s survival, not for the majority’s survival.

Established politicians are well known for being on the ground and ever seen with their people, directly getting to know what they want and jotting down from there what to say when in Parliament for the advantage of the same people.

Shame to all fellow legislators who the people they claim to represent miss them so much. Shame to those politicians who would want to appear when elections are around the corner.

A big shame to those who, after being voted in power think they now contain bigger and much better brains than those of the electorate, the majority of the people.

The electorate is the boss for all legislators, tall or short.

It is through the ballot box that the electorate can either hire or fire you.

Maintaining good relations with the electorate is good and healthy for a legislator as well as the party he or she represents.

Some representatives spend most of their time in their leafy suburbs than being with the people who voted them to power.

They are supposed to be ever present at their working places, which happen to be in their constituencies.

Working together with the people in your constituency helps create a name for yourself such that come election time, they will not be any debates on who is supposed to represent them again.

Zanu-PF legislators are supposed to learn from President Mugabe who is ever awarded by the electorate only because of his hard work that promotes liberty, fraternity and equality for every Zimbabwean.

As alluded in an earlier article, the name Robert Mugabe is now a brand on own. Everyone would ever want to be associated with the brand for it is known for good things and victory.

It is said politics is for the poor but in this new world, the poor are rather resisting to be exploited or taken advantage of by some senseless people coming in the name of politicians.

It is high time all the legislators from Zanu-PF ensure they fulfil the promises they made to the electorate, the bosses, since 2018 is fast approaching.

This is now the time to be with the electorate, mapping ways on how best to implement the country’s economic blueprint, Zim-Asset.

This is the real time to correct all we have done wrong and make sure we are moving as one and a people and in the name of prosperity.

This is the time we are not supposed to deceive the electorate for our own advantage. The President has declared 2015-16 agricultural season a state of disaster. What role are legislators going to play to ensure the people will not starve?

Some Zanu-PF legislators have been amassing votes from the electorate capitalising on the Robert Mugabe brand.

It is high time our legislators emulate the character of our President and always be there for their people in all weathers.

Always remember the electorate is the boss, Cde Legislator.

The electorate is watching every move you are taking and it is in the ballot box they can either extend your contract or terminate it depending on your previous performances.


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