The art of staging live events in dramatic improvement

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The art of staging live events in dramatic improvement ZITF

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Of late we have seen the improvements on the art of staging events, be it corporate or musical shows.

It seems now we are keeping up appearances, and taking a leaf from neighbouring countries has given locals the value of their money when it comes to stage work.

In the past, musicians could be attacked by fans while on stage due to technical glitches, with several artistes ending up having misunderstandings with their engineers.

This was usually the case with regards to high profile gigs.

However, that seems to be a thing of the past as the country is shifting to international standards in hosting events.

Worldwide, technology is taking over, with some musicians enjoying performances on classy stages using advanced public address systems.

Recently, the live recording of the Great Physician video proved that the country is heading in the right direction as far as hosting top notch events  is concerned.

The stage powered by a local events company, Events Evolution, was elegant, and left many convinced that events organisers are now shifting from the mere scaffold stages to another level.

The sound system was on point and the set up was good.

The Saturday Lifestyle caught up with Events Evolution boss Talent Banda who described what they used to come up with a public address system that was so clear.

So far, Events Evolution has done decor for the National Arts Merit Awards and Janet Manyowa’s stage at The Vine Gospel Concert. They are now working on Nigerian superstar Burna Boy stage next week.

For Burna Boy, he needs no introduction, as his theme is the Spacedrift, and many are looking to see what it will look like.

But what makes these guys tick, remember they are not the only one doing such a job. 

“We used 30 Vera 36 Line array boxes, 9 per hang for an even and smooth coverage with 6 boxes for side fills (Hicc Balcony),” said Banda.

“We also deployed 4 S33 subs and 2 BSX subs. 6 C15 speakers were deployed as fills for the under balcony area. All the PA was being driven by 3 Tour Racks and 2 system racks all with Labgruppen PLM series 12k for mid highs and 20k for subs. FOH control was utilising a Allen & Heath Dlive C3500 with Dante and Waves option cards. All signals were run via a network. 

“Monitor world was running 3 T24N and 4 Red Line wedges which were used to monitor orchestra. Audio signals were spilt between FOH and monitors via Dante. A Dlive S5000 was deployed as control for monitors.

“Backline for this event compromised of a sonor drum kit, a moosh mash of cymbals, a Meinl percussion set comprising of a pair of congas, bongos and timbles and a djembe drum. Fender Hotrod and Markbass guitar amps were deployed. Keyboard rigs consisted of Korg Kronos , Roland Jupiter 80, Tritone Extreme, Moog Sub 7, Grand Piano , Yamaha Montage , Juno and Nord keyboards. Monitoring for the show was done via the Allen and Heath ME-1 system for the band, Shure PSM1000 for all the vocalist.

“Lead vocal duties were handled by Shure ULXD4 wireless microphones whilst all backup singers used head-worn microphones.”

Banda said there was need for a collection of professional lights that would complement the wooden stage and fitting on the purpose of the event.

“A collection of over 60 CHAUVET professional fixtures (Lights) were used to anchor the live video Recording. 11 Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures, four on the FOH truss served as workhorses during the Great Physician Live Video recording creating specials and gobo patterns, while highlighting the individuals on stage. 

“Working with the FOH Mavericks were four Rogue R2 spot units. Balancing the Maverick’s output was the STRIKE 4 panels that were positioned around the Round overhead truss,” Banda said.

 “Configured in an arrangement that had two larger centre stage LED walls, enveloped the stage, giving the overall show a smoothly flowing look. We displayed captivating breakout patterns on the walls to endow the stage with extra excitement. 

“At times, the lighting designer created white light spaces in the middle of a wall to create as sense of depth on the relatively small (16-metre wide by 9-metre deep all white stage set.”  Such public address system, lighting and the stage needed a backup of a rig powered by a GenBuilt 250kVA silent mobile diesel generator.

Social media was awash with the custom stage that was set for the event.

“The client wanted a unique white stage that was going to accommodate 78 people (band, orchestra, The Vine vocalist and Soweto Gospel choir). 

“The stage was made of supa wood, scaffolding and steel,” Banda added.

He said he was humbled by the feedback they got from the public and several other organisations.

“It is possible to have world-class events. We are moving towards a great shift where everything has to be elegant,” Banda added.

Journalist Plot Mhako said the stage set-up proved that the country was moving in the right direction.

“That was an epic stage design,” he said. “It set a great standard for what is possible in Zimbabwe. 

“The stage brought a new imagination and I believe it will challenge event planners and promoters to thrive for excellence in packaging and delivering events in the country. 

“It reaffirmed that we are not far from the rest of the world and if more money is injected we can do more and better.”

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