Templeman engages youths in community project

Templeman engages youths in community project Godfatha Templeman

Xolisani Nyathi Art Reporter
Star FM DJ Simbabrashe Maposa, affectionately known in the Zimdancehall circles as Godfatha Templeman, has opened a hangout called “The Zone” to create social space for young people in Tynwald North neighbourhood. The hangout has various social activities that would bring the youth together for creative interaction and entertainment. Templeman said the area mainly targets unemployed young people that can gather and share constructive ideas on a social platform.

The hangout has free wi-fi, an interaction zone as well as games like chase, draft, snooker and slag. It is often said that most arts personalities do what they do in order to feed their families, but some are not just doing it for their families but for the community as a whole.

In an interview with this reporter, the dancehall emcee said most people have nothing to do due to lack of employment therefore the reason why he created this hangout is because he does not like seeing locals, especially the youth resorting to the use of drugs and other activities inspired by idleness that are destroying their lives.

“As a Zimdancehall personality, a lot of bad stuff has been said about this genre and the young people who pursue it. I am here to change that because of the love I have for the youth, I have been seeing a lot of youngsters with nothing to do resorting to the use of drugs and drinking alcohol all day long, such behaviour led me to create this hangout”, Templeman said.

The Godfatha also added that the project is not for profit making as some would assume but the small amount the participants pay is just to maintain the place. “This is not a project that we have designed for profit making, no, that is why we say when it comes to slug or snooker you buy one and get one for free, we could have actually said everything is for free but the place also needs to be maintained so we have no choice at the end of the day”, he added.

“We also want to put some entertainment for the youth that might include small gigs and for those who do not have access to DSTV, they will watch soccer here. I am an entertainment person and I realised that this small area needs entertainment that is why I embarked on this project.

“We also have different kinds of fruit trees that we planted around the area for the members of the joint. In the future the members of this community will get fruits like apples, grapes, leaches and bananas from the trees we have planted and these will not be for sale.”

Templeman has always been fond of creating something for the youth in the country but said he has to start in the community. He has been in the music industry since 1996 and is well known for taking part in the evolution of Zimdancehall and for discovering dancehall stars.

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