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TelOne public Wi-Fi: The convenient invasion

TelOne public Wi-Fi: The convenient invasion Wi-Fi is slowly becoming an essential basic human right
Wi-Fi is slowly becoming an essential basic human right

Wi-Fi is slowly becoming an essential basic human right

The first question that comes into someone’s mind these days be it when eating out, boarding a plane or checking into a hotel, “Do you have Wi-Fi?” Nine times out of 10, the answer to that question will be a very welcome “yes”.

One study revealed that most customers believe free Wi-Fi is the most important factor when choosing a hotel, more so than price or bed comfort. While we would not necessarily be lost without it in public and non-domestic settings — we can use our own, paid for data — we nevertheless expect Wi-Fi to be available in most places. It is a sign of how times have changed in the 21st century.

TelOne, a key player in the ICT industry in Zimbabwe has enabled this new basic need to become a reality with its Public Wi-Fi which was launched in April 2015.

TelOne’s Wi-Fi hotspots provide an affordable alternative to mobile broadband access. The service is targeted at Internet users on the go, internet bargain seekers, students and clusters/apartment buildings.

TelOne Wi-Fi hotspots are strategically located in high traffic or densely populated locations; these include bus terminus, shopping centres, malls, all Tel-One shops and client service centres around the country as well as the TelOne online payment platform

TelOne has entered into a partnership with Innscor, OK Zimbabwe, Zimpapers to sell recharge vouchers and has engaged Harare city council which has given most of its facilities in a bid to create a Wi-Fi connected city in line with the vision to have a connected city by 2020.

Moreover, in line with its vision of connectivity for everyone, everywhere in Zimbabwe the service has expanded from the major cities to towns and can also be accesses at all Zimbabwean border posts.

Reliability and affordability has prompted TelOne to change the game as it has introduced an incredible Wi-Fi Bonanza Promotion offering significant increases in data on its 3 packages. The promotion offers data on unbeatable prices to constantly connect you to your loved ones.

The $1 voucher which previously offered 1000Mb now gives its users 1GB of Data which is valid for 24 hours (1 day).The $2 voucher now offers 2.5 GB of data (up from240MB) and is valid for 72 hours (3 days) and the $5 now gets you 6GB of data (up from 600MB) valid for 168 hours (7 days).

TelOne is giving more for less, to meet broadband consumption patterns which have significantly changed over time as internet users have become accustomed to bandwidth hungry applications and online activities such as online gaming and video live streaming. TelOne Wi-Fi gives you access to edutainment (education and entertainment); now you can research, do your business and entertainment with more data for less.

For a little as $1 for 1Gb TelOne is not only offering affordable Internet but is going a long way in bridging the digital gap for consumers with little or no access to broadband.

TelOne’s Public Wi-Fi brings people together without hustles; connecting broadband consumers to their loved one, business partners and everyone else locally and across the globe. When the TelOne Wi-Fi Zone signal pops up, do not hesitate to try it and experience fast and reliable connectivity.

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