TelOne pre-paid slashes voice costs

TelOne pre-paid slashes voice costs TelOne has slashed voice calls
TelOne has slashed voice calls

TelOne has slashed voice calls

TelOne has slashed voice calls by more than 80 percent seeing on-net calls going down to 1cent per minute from 5 cents and mobile calls down to 4 cents from 16 cents. This reduction has come about through the recently launched prepaid voice bundles promotion which is running up to the end of November with an extension possibility.

The pre-paid bundles have been put in place to benefit residential clients migrating to pre-paid voice across the country where 65 exchanges are already offering this service. The massive bundles are set to revive the TelOne voice service for our residential segment and are expected to rapidly increase pre-paid voice uptake.

Pre-paid voice by TelOne means that clients on the platform now have to recharge their phones using vouchers before they can make phone calls. Recharging is done through interactive voice response facility by simply dialling 216 and following the voice prompts in three easy steps.

TelOne pre-paid voice is a product of the on-going network modernisation under the National Broadband project under the ChinaExim $98 million facility. The project has also seen the network upgrade and establishment of a new backbone fibre link with South Africa through Beitbridge. This link, which has already been completed is expected to reduce bandwidth landing costs by up to 40% thereby strengthening TelOne lead as the most effective communication service provider in Zimbabwe.

Other value added services that have already started to benefit TelOne clients include the functionality where home broadband credentials can now be used to connect to the internet at any TelOne wi-fi site across the country giving clients the much desired flexibility.

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