TelOne declares March customer service month


Key activities included back to the shop-floor by senior managers, happy hour Fridays for walk-in customers, in-store lucky dip, customer engagement sessions among others.TelOne has declared March as its “Customer Service Month” which ran under the theme “Serving with a Smile.” The Customer Service Month launched by the company’s managing director Mrs Chipo Mtasa, was the inaugural month long customer experience improvement drive. During the month, TelOne devoted to instil in all its team members the importance of excellent customer service in achieving business objectives, to honour people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism and appreciate its clients.

The great Mahatma Gandhi once said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. This rightly describes the transformation drive that TelOne is undergoing, the rebirth of TelOne’s superior customer service.

The company has adopted a new culture that gives the customer an unforgettable customer experience at the centre of everything that TelOne does. Being a key value for the company, client focus has become a philosophy across the business and all its team members resulting in the dedication of a whole month of observing and harnessing this philosophy.

A number of activities were undertaken to ensure that the month left a mark which became a launch pad for a renewed way in which each member of the TelOne team delivers value and service to all customers.

Key activities included back to the shop-floor by senior managers, happy hour Fridays for walk in customers, in-store lucky dip, customer engagement sessions among others.

All these activities and more were symbolic of the way the company and its team members will be engaging and relating to customers going forward.

Convenience key to TelOne customer experience

As TelOne continues to move with international customer experience trends, convenience has emerged as a key factor to defining excellence. A number of interventions have thus been put in place to ensure that service, support and payment platforms are more accessible anytime of the day:

24 hour contact centre

TelOne has transformed its 24 /7 contact centre to become world-class in line with international telecom companies’ standards.

The call centre handles traffic from TelOne’s growing subscriber base for both voice and broadband. The call centre has been developed to track faults and any enquiries from anywhere across the country.

Clients just simply dial 950 toll free from any telephone line or (04)700950 with other networks or WhatsApp number 0718700950 for enquiries, complaints and new service requests. The Contact Centre staff have been equipped with first-class training to enable them to meet the unique demands of each TelOne client.

Now there is no need to wait for office hours to report faults or for any information on TelOne, the Contact Centre is there to “Serve with a Smile!”

Online payment platforms and mobile offices

Moving away from the past where all transaction had to be in the customer service shops, TelOne has diversified its payment platforms including customer touch points.

Customers can now pay their bills and top-up their data online via or

These platforms have come with a lot of convenience where customers can now top up their data from anywhere anytime of the day.

The customer interface on our broadband has also improved with customers now being able to track their usage as well as get prompt when data is about to be finished

TelOne has also introduced bundle notifications on all broadband accounts. Consumers get notified when they have reached 50 percent consumption of their data and when they finally exhaust their data bundle.

To register broadband clients simply follow these instructions:

1. Log on to <>

2. Click on the Get Notified button and enter the following details:

a. TelOne Phone Number/Username.

b. Mobile Number.

c. Email Address.

3. Then click on Sign Up, wait for a verification code and head back to

4. Click again on the Get Notified button.

5. Click the lower left button

Activate/deactivate notification.

6. Enter TelOne Phone Number/Username and Verification Code.

7. Click on Apply and the client is all set to receive notifications.

Mobile offices have also been introduced in some areas to ensure that service applications are closer to the people.

TelOne simplifies applications for new service

In order to bring simplicity to the application process for TelOne products and services the following requirements have been revised as follow:

Proof of income

Prospective customers are no longer required to submit payslips or bank statements to prove their income. Instead they can apply for service and state a credit balance limit to be applied on their account to allow TelOne to monitor usage .

Accepted proof of residents

TelOne will now accept a utility bill in the customer’s name, a lease agreement in the customer’s name accompanied by a utility bill of the lessor’s name or any other bill or statements in the customer’s name. Other bills and or statements in the customer’s name are acceptable.

Client feedback platforms

Customer feedback is a vital component of the Customer Service and during the month of March, platforms to engage with customers have been put in place and customers are welcome to share their experiences, opinions and suggestions about the TelOne brand.

Beyond the month of March, feedback forms and suggestion corners are available in all TelOne service centres for clients to give feedback on their experience in our shops or any other interaction they may have had with TelOne.

This will help TelOne assess its service value chain in order to enhance it as well as address any gaps that may be an inconvenience to our clients.

Today’s social media savvy clients can take advantage of social media platforms to share their experiences. Clients are able post queries over the official TelOne social media pages (Facebook Page, Twitter handle and Skype — TelOneZw), email, WhatsApp and website with real time response.

Back to the shop-floor for senior managers

Undercover boss came to TelOne as all senior managers adopted a service centre, serving customers with a smile during the Customer Service Month. As a company, we are developing a culture where everyone is a customer service agent from wherever they work within the company.

All the senior managers were sent back to the shop floor to interact with customers and identify areas of improvement. This is symbolising the future of TelOne where even our managers and team leaders have adopted a serving culture

Customer service charter

With the launch of the Customer Service Month was the unveiling of the TelOne Client Service Charter through which we are putting forward clear service commitments and expectations for all our customers.

Our customer service charter is there to provide a framework for defining service delivery standards, the rights of our customers, and how complaints from customers will be handled.

In this regard TelOne is therefore holding itself accountable through the pledges, which will ensure that TelOne meets the customer service goals and observe customer rights.

The TelOne customer service promise

Across the business, management and staff came together to develop a further service promise to augment the specific pledges in the Client Service Charter proudly signing to the commitments at branch level as follows:

Our Promise to clients

We, the employees of TelOne (Pvt) Limited pledge and commit to deliver superior customer experience premised on service quality, commitment and excellence as promised in our TelOne Client Service Charter.

Specifically we will:

Be polite, courteous and serve with a smile at all times.

Be prompt and timely, responding to complaints, faults and service requests within the shortest possible time as defined in the TelOne Client Service Charter.

Serve with integrity and demonstrate sensitivity and professionalism at all times.

Provide adequate and accurate information on all TelOne products and services including procedures, fees and charges at all times

Provide mechanism for customer feedback at all TelOne touchpoints.

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