Teenage mum detained over maternal fee


A FIRST time teenage mum endured a hellish four-day ordeal at Luveve clinic in Bulawayo after she was detained for failing to pay $80 in maternity fees. Takudzwa Bheja, 17, from Magwegwe North suburb, was only released after her family managed to raise $30. Bheja said being detained at clinic was the most traumatising experience she has ever gone through.She said it was very disturbing because she saw others coming and going, leaving her behind. There was nothing she could do there but sit and look after her baby.

She said it is so painful to come from a poor family. She hadn’t been registered, so the clinic was demanding a $30 registration fee and $50 maternity fees but she didn’t have the money. She gave birth without any complications but the clinic staff said they could not release her without the money. – The Chronicle.


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