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Commuters disgruntled over Council’s decision ...

Commuters in Harare have expressed disapproval of the decision by the Harare City Council to ban commuter omnibuses ...

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Teen ‘with nose for money’ steals $1 500

Teen ‘with nose for money’ steals $1 500

Jail-barsjailLovemore Meya Court Correspondent
A Harare teenager was yesterday sentenced to three months in prison after stealing $1 500 from a Chitungwiza family and blowing it on household goods.

Irene Chiwashira of 8 Knightingdale, Braeside, claimed she had a gift for “smelling” money and was often led to it by strange voices.

Chiwashira went to house number 8264, St Mary’s, Chitungwiza, at around 5pm where she met Davies Mandizira’s son, Tafadzwa, and his maid, Janet Murevachimwe.

The court heard that the two were on their way to the shops to buy electricity tokens.

Chiwashira told them she was a relative and that she had been sent by Mrs Mandizira to tidy up their bedroom.

Murevachimwe left Chiwashira and Tafadzwa as she proceeded to the shops but shortly was joined by the boy after Chiwashira asked him to tell the former to buy her a drink.

The court heard that during that time, Chiwashira armed herself with a screw- driver that she used to unlock the bedroom door and wardrobe.

Tafadzwa returned while Chiwashira was busy stealing the money which was inside the wardrobe.

After the theft, she went into the dining room on the pretext of helping Tafadzwa who was looking for a lost electricity code and she vanished.

The court heard that after committing the offence, Chiwashira proceeded to Chigovanyika Shopping Centre where she bought a fridge and kitchen dresser among other items.

Appearing before Chitungwiza magistrate Ms Blessing Murwisi, Chiwashira pleaded guilty to unlawful entry and theft charges. Ms Murwisi sentenced her to 12 months in prison and suspended three months on condition she is not convicted of a similar crime for five years.

The other six months were suspended on condition she restitutes the money by April 30, 2016.

In sentencing her, Ms Murwisi took into account that the teenager had committed a serious offence.

“You started your crime at the deep end and the offence is very serious since it involves invading of privacy,” said Ms Murwisi.

Mr Edmond Ndambakuwa prosecuted.

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