Teamwork wins at Speciss Toastmasters Social

Teamwork wins at Speciss Toastmasters Social


Things are looking up for the newly formed Toastmasters Club at Speciss Chitepo High School as the Club recently held a successful social event for members at Gaby’s Restaurant. 1. Toastmasters is an international non-profit organisation involved in developing public speaking and leadership skills clubs across the world since 1924.

2. The Toastmasters Club at Speciss Chitepo High School is run under the guidance of local adult Toastmasters members.

3. A lively group of 24 boys and girls engaged in team-building exercises, discussions and presentations before settling down to a hearty meal.

4. Tamuka Chinzvende, the President of Speciss Chitepo High School Toastmasters Club, said that the function had exceeded their expectations.

6. “This is our second function and we were very happy that it was excellent as everything happened according to plan,” he said.

7. Ravi Chauma, the Vice President says that despite being nervous in the run up to the event, teamwork had carried the organisers through.

8. “No individual can claim credit for successfully hosting this social because all Executive Committee and Club members played their parts,”he says

9. The first function the Chitepo High School Toastmasters Club hosted was a leadership training seminar held earlier this term.

10. Thandeka Shokoni, one of the Toastmasters Executive Committee members, says that they will adopt the lessons they learnt about teamwork when organising their next function which is an Africa Day Dinner in May.

11. “One of the things we learnt in hosting this event is that it is important to assign the different organising duties to various people so that things can get done faster,” she says.

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