Team Zimbabwe UK get kit Team Zimbabwe UK chief executive Marshall Gore

Tadious Manyepo-Sports Reporter

TEAM Zimbabwe-UK boss Marshall Gore says his organisation is making inroads in cultivating sound relations with compatriot entities which will enable them to have a competitive edge in the field of play.

The team is preparing for the 2023 African Nations Cup UK tournament scheduled to run for two days in London beginning on August 26.

And they have received a major boost following a full kit sponsorship by South Africa-based Zimbabwe owned funeral services company Zororo-Phumulani which is powered by Doves Zimbabwe.

Zororo-Phumulani are in the initial stages of establishing themselves in the UK.

The kit, which includes both training and playing apparel, will be used by the team in the African Cup jamboree next month.

 “On behalf of Team Zimbabwe UK, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Zororo Phumulani (Doves) Funeral Plan for their generous donation of a football kit to us.

“This kit will be utilised by our team in the upcoming 2023 African Nations Cup UK Tournament, which is scheduled to take place in London on the 26th and 27th of August 2023.  “As a community organization, we value and appreciate the support of progressive Zimbabwean Diaspora companies that contribute to the development of our project, community, and country,” said Gore.

“We believe that the entry of Zororo Phumulani Funeral Services into the market will foster much-needed competition in the insurance sector, benefiting many Zimbabweans in the Diaspora through a more diverse market.

 “Furthermore, we are delighted to have received the football kit designed and supplied by Eglet Mtengwa Nyabvure of Pfeka Clothing, another Zimbabwe Diaspora-owned company based in Holland. By promoting Zimbabwean businesses like Pfeka Clothing, we actively contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community.

“At Team Zimbabwe-UK we are committed to supporting as many Zimbabwean companies as possible, keeping the economic benefits within our community”.

Zororo-Phumulani marketing manager Tendai Mangoti said his organisation was willing to work with Team Zimbabwe for their success.

“Remember, we have always supported sport. This time around, we have decided to partner with Team Zimbabwe-UK as they bid to win the 2023 African Nations Cup UK tournament in August,” said Mangoti.

“We will be working closely with them as we begin our relationship. We have previously sponsored football, netball and boxing. We feel that it is our duty, as a company, to plough back to the community both at home and in the diaspora”.

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