‘Teach pupils disaster response skills’


Mash West Correspondent
Primary and secondary school heads in Mashonaland West have been urged to introduce disaster responsive training in schools to prepare for future disasters. Deputy provincial education director for Mashonaland West Mr Gabriel Mhumha told the headmasters, who attended the Better Schools Programme of Zimbabwe (BSPZ) annual award giving ceremony recently, that the introduction of disaster management skills was essential in schools.

“I would like to say the introduction of disaster management skills is very essential in schools because it will save us from infrastructure destruction, and even lives. We want to produce graduates from our schools who are trained in disaster management,’’ he said.

He said that disasters were occurring in the province, yet people were failing to react accordingly.

“Disasters occur in most of our schools, yet we fail to react accordingly. Every schoolchild and every member of staff should be taught how to operate a fire extinguisher and these should be serviced regularly,” said Mr Mhumha.

Mr Mhumha added that Makonde District had already encountered three disasters caused by a storm and fire.

“This district has already encountered three disasters in the form of storm and fire, the most recent one being the Banket school, which caught fire last month. Other districts should also introduce these drills in order to secure safety on infrastructure and lives,” he added.

He appealed to all school heads to consider designing methods of alarm in case of a disaster ahead of a rainy season.

“I appeal to all primary and secondary school heads to consider designing methods of raising alarm that are understood by everyone, this can be a whistle, sirens or a bell.”

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