Tamy shares ‘Bvudzi Jena’ journey

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Tamy shares ‘Bvudzi Jena’ journey

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Lifestyle Writer

“They wanna know

Who’s that girl?

(La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)” 

So goes the hook chorus by US rapper Eve.

Eve is known for her silky voice, but what makes her the more outstanding is the way she experiments with hair colour and hair textures.

Coming back home, one can actually use Eve’s lyrics to ask: Who is that girl? after watching songstress Tamy Moyo either just passing by or in her musical videos.

Tamy and Eve are both singers, but their common denominator is more pronounced when it comes to the way both musicians take care of their hair.

While Eve plays around with the colours, Tamy likes the white tint that makes her head outstanding in a crowd.

Tamy’s white hair or “bvudzijena” in Shona has inspired her to reach great heights in her musical career.

It is not surprising that her latest album is named “Bvudzi jena”, after the very hairstyle she dons on a daily basis.

Tamy said white hair symbolises the transition taking place in her life.

“I named my latest album “Bvudzi Jena” after my trademark, white hair” she said. 

“It symbolises my journey from being a teenager to young adult. It also symbolises my quest for growth and wisdom, not only as an individual, but as an artist and creative. 

“I have been working on ‘Bvudzi Jena’  for about three years. Some of the songs were written way before that, though. I am always writing and creating.”

Soul Jah Love

Well, the new album is accompanied by a video featuring the late Soul Jah Love, who was affectionately known as Chibaba.

The diva said the late Soul Jah Love was a creative genius who effortlessly delivered behind the studio booth.

Although Soul Jah Love will be greatly missed, Tamy reckons the chanter’s talent was immeasurably beyond words and will live on.

She saluted the late liberation war hero who featured on her new album “Bvunzi Jena”, which is nothing short of a master piece.

Soul Jah Love featured on the song “Rudo” on Tamy’s new album, but he could not live to witness its release after he succumbed to diabetes last year.

Some of the songs to look forward to on this album include “Mutoro”, Umthandazo”, “Big Stepper” and of course “Rudo”, which is nothing sort of a potential chart-topper.

It is Soul Jah Love, the Conquering Family boss’ input on this album, which has made a big difference.

“Soul Jah Luv was incredible — everybody who cared to carefully listen to his music can testify to that.

“He was a man of few words and liked to let his artistry speak for him,” said Tamy speaking of Soul Jah Love. 

“It was awesome seeing how much of a free thinker he was.” 

Tamy opened up on how she met Chibaba and clicked as if they had known each other for ages.

Tamy Moyo

“I met him through Sunshine, the producer, and I am always working, so I find it best to concentrate on making sure I give my best and not say much,” she said.

“Of course, after losing him, it was challenging to accept the situation, but it became the more difficult considering that we had a project together. 

“But thank God for everyone who was behind the project for encouraging me to allow the world to hear this wonderful song and spread the gospel of love which he was passionate about.” 

Determined to come up with a polished project, Tamy went full circle and roped in competent producers on this new album.

“I worked with many talented producers who included NasperIncoming, Sunshine, Jamal and GangstaMadeIt from NoLimitz, Chiweddar, RodneyBeatZ and mixing mastering by some of the best as well COG and Rayobeatz,” said the phenomenal songstress.

Tamy hailed fellow artistes who believe in the power of collaborations.

“Working on ‘Angila Ndaba’ with Calvin and Nutty O was just incredible,” she said. “It is always nice to have people who are gifted in their own genre to come together and try and fuse our sounds.

“The song was produced by Gabz Morgan, who is a talented producer as well. Both Calving and Nutty O has such great positive energy and were fully engaged in the writing process.

“Doing Big Stepper with Valee Muzik was a blessing and more. She is such a free and sweet human being who is destined for greatness and has a hunger to work.

“Charlie Kay was so patient and so engaged together with Oliver. They were just awesome.” 

Tamy, who has amassed several awards and landed lucrative endorsement deals, shared some of her achievements.

“My greatest achievement to date has to be my partnership with Zimoco,” she said.

“Working with them has been a great experience filled with great interactions and acquiring so much knowledge. I am grateful.”

Tamy shrugged off rumours of her alleged affair with fellow musician Holy Ten, including other social media stunts.

Holy Ten

“Social media is a place where people have allowed themselves to be who and what they wanna be and say what they wanna say,” she said. 

On regional collaborations, Tamy said she was courting some of the sub-region’s finest.

“I have been working with a few artistes outside Zimbabwean borders, one of those projects just came out which is Dithapelo with Mr Brown and Nomcebo Zikode,” she said.

“I am honoured to have been part of that. There’s more to come which I will definitely be updating on.”

At a time when most artistes are trying other career paths to supplement their earnings, Tamy said only time will tell if there is another course to take.

“For now, I’m focusing on my music career,” she said. 

“I do have plans to diversify and do more in future. I do believe there’s so much that can be done through music. I do believe it is my purpose and I’m confident it will open more doors and allow me to branch out into other things and venture into other forms of business.” 

Like any other artiste, Tamy knows her strengths and weaknesses.

“My strength in music is I keep to myself and focus as much as I can on my craft,” she said. 

“I believe it can be a weakness too. It is important to learn from others and not always be isolated.”

On who does her discography, Tamy said: “For styling, BLVK Consultants are always on the job. Choreography for “BvudziJjena” was done by Sean Mambwere.”

Describing herself she said: “Tamy is a young ambitious 23-year-old Zimbabwean lady. I love interacting with people, but I know when to take a few steps back when necessary.”

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