Take the brightness into your house Be colourful this summer when it comes to home decor
Be colourful this summer when it comes to home decor

Be colourful this summer when it comes to home decor

Tafadzwa Zimoyo : Lifestyle Writer

In his song titled “Summer Time”, Winky D sings about the weather, activities, fashion and feeling associated with this season. From the biting chill of winter, the temperatures have warmed up and soared to other levels, something which has seen people discarding their heavy jackets, jerseys and boots for the lighter frocks.Summer is here and interesting for the various looks and facets that are associated with it and with it, people’s spirits are lifted as they embark on a lot of activities, both in-doors and out-doors.

It is that time when the town is painted in many colours, as people will be in their favourite summer colours and light clothes which help them in cooling off the heat.

This is what the singer Winky D actually mentions in his song when he warns men to desist from drooling when they see ladies in their revealing summer clothes.

While people often embark on activities like travelling and sports during the summer period, there are however other creative ways of spending it.

One of those creative ways is to try your hand at redecorating your house to give it that breezy look and feeling.

Susan Vengi who learnt about home redoes while she was in the United Kingdom said people need information about redoing their decorations.

“The first thing that one should do when trying their hand at redecorating their home is gathering many magazines on this topic in order to get a general view on what decorating is all about. Then the next step is to gather all the essential things needed for redecorating.

“It is actually great fun and fulfilling to see your house now sporting a new look, all out of your handiwork,” she said.

According to Vengi, this has become a type of art which is popular among many people who are in the habit of doing decorations time and again to suit the changing seasons.

“Most people in the UK have grasped this concept and it has become more like a tradition and this summer I am planning to redecorate my house to infuse it with a brighter look,” she said.

She suggested that one can enlist the help of a friend for decorations.

“I learnt a great deal from a friend who advised me on the importance and meaning of colours when it comes redoing your home.

“Tropical colours like green, cream, pink and white can render your house with a feel of fresh air and cool breezes while at the same bringing it to life.

This includes painting your house in these colours or redecorating your bedroom linen such as sheets, duvets and pillows with fabric that carries motifs of flowers in bloom.

“The same can also apply to the kitchen which can be redone in colours that evoke the brightness and colour of ripe fruits.”

While some people may want to call it sheer madness and a mere waste of time and resources, home decoration has actually earned some people fame and fortune after someone out there saw their unique designs and decided to adopt and sponsor the design.

“This is a fulfilling experience that has earned some a fortune since one can actually be hired to redecorate someone else’s house, and this means it can actually become a sustaining job,” observed Mike Moyo of Avondale, who has seen house decorating earning some people a fortune in South Africa.

While many people might be familiar with interior decor, redoing one’s home goes an extra mile than this since one can also redecorate their garden to give it a new, fresh and breezy look suitable for lounging outdoors during summer time.

If you are one of those creative people, then you can also try your hand and go out of the beaten path by taking the garden indoors.

“In summer, memories of spring can be brought into the home through indoor gardening. Those bright colours of flowers in bloom you have been missing can be created in your home, all what you need is just your green-thumb!

“You can have the hanging planters made from discarded bowls, plates or any other good-looking containers where you can plant some of your favourite blooms and this bring colour and life into your house this summer.

“Some of the tips include having an indoor compost garden where you can plant throw-aways from your kitchen. Then there is the indoor jar garden which is a kitchen sink-side garden where you can plant herbs and other related seeds whose produce you can easily access for fresh-from-the-garden recipes,” noted Moyo, who has turned into an interior and home designer.

He also said artificial home gardens can also do the trick.

“These do not need constant attention that the natural home garden, and since most of the stuff is artificial, chances of wilting are slim in the searing heat.

“Artificial gardens are popular in other countries, but it is high time that Zimbabweans move with the times and embrace this culture, and it is encouraging to note that people in suburbs like Hellensvale among others are beginning to do it,” he said.

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