Take me back or I’ll kill myself, says ex-hubby

Take me back or I’ll kill myself, says ex-hubby

Ivan Zhakata Court Reporter
A HARARE man threatened to commit suicide at his former wife’s house if she refused to reconcile with him, the Harare Civil Court heard last week. Muneni Muhwati allegedly told his ex-wife, Precious Mushure, that only death would separate them. Mushure, who was seeking a protection order against Muhwati, told magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko that he was forcing her to reconcile with him and would threaten her if she refused.

She said she divorced Muhwati over his ex-marital affairs. “He is coming to my house demanding that I reconcile with him,” Mushure said. “He bangs my door and if I refuse to open it he breaks into my house. He said if I do not reconcile with him he will commit suicide at my house and he is also saying that only death will separate us.

“I divorced him after I discovered that he was having sexual relations with a woman he said was only a mother of his child. He lied to me that they were no longer in a relationship but I later found out that they were still in love,” she said.

Mushure told the court that Muhwati harassed her accusing her of witchcraft. Muhwati dismissed the allegations. He told the court that he still loved his wife and would do anything to have her back. “The main problem is that she does not want to see my other child,” Muhwati said.

“Each time I went to see my child she accuses me of having sex with the mother whom I divorced a long time ago. I have never done all what she is alleging and I still love her,” he said.

Mrs Mateko ordered Muhwati to stop threatening Mushure and advised the two to solve their disputes peacefully.

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