Take heed of ‘think before you click’

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Take heed of ‘think before you click’

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Tom Muleya Fraud Insight

The National Cyber Security threat awareness campaign running under the theme: “Think before you click” can go a long way in preventing cyber-attacks amongst local Zimbabweans and the Diaspora if people decide to heed the warning.

Everyday dozens of people are falling victim to cyber criminal enterprise due to some negligent action on the internet which all began with a negligent click.

In the previous article, we noted that as the majority of Zimbabweans from children to adults are in possession of Smartphones, go on cyber space, an exponential increase in irresponsible behaviour and cyber-attacks is inevitable.

In support of the November 2021 National Cyber Security Awareness Campaign, running under the theme: “Think before you click”, Fraud insight is today looking at some of the preventive measures one can consider to minimise incidences of cyber-attacks.

The “Think before You Click” concept is by its nature preventive and proactive. The following are some of the general ways of preventing or minimising cyber-attacks and Zimbabwe will have a “safe cyber space with minimum cyber incidences.

  • Use strong passwords.  Never repeat your passwords on different sites make sure you change your passwords regularly. Ensure to use a complex password by using a combination of at least ten letters, numbers, and symbols. A password management application can help to keep your passwords locked down.
  • Keep your software updated. Cyber criminals use known flaws in your software to gain access to your system. Closing those exploits and flaws will make it less likely that you will become a target.
  • Manage your social media settings. Ensure you keep your personal and private information locked down. Make sure you don’t share your information publicly such as posting sensitive information on social media.
  • The implementation of cyber security awareness training for every employee across board.
  • Talk to your children about the internet threats or cyber-attacks. Make sure your children know that they be hacked on cyber space or internet. Teach them about acceptable behaviour and use of internet. This also involves keeping your continuous eye on your children so that they remain protected from internet breaches and threats.
  • Take responsibility and take measures to help protect your-self against identity theft. Identity theft occurs when someone wrongfully obtains your personal data through deceptive ways or fraud for economic gain. Avoid trickery ways that solicit you to send or forward personal information. Making use of a VPN can also help to protect the data you send and receive.
  • Strengthen your home network.  Start with a strong encryption password as well as a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN will encrypt all traffic leaving your devices until it arrives at its destination. A VPN is also good and ensures safety when you use a public WiFi.

Take responsibility of yourself. The National campaign on cyber security awareness is a call for all Zimbabweans to think and act responsibly when transacting on the internet in order to minimize cyber-crime. Remember, just one negligent click may be disastrous.

Get empowered by Fraud Insight and be part of a solution to fraud scams. Watch out for the next issue on Identity theft that will look at and provide various possible measures that one can take to protect self from Identity theft scams.

For your feedback, WhatsApp line: 0772 764 043, or e-mail: [email protected] Tom Muleya is a Detective Assistant Inspector working under the Criminal Investigations Department in Harare.


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