Syria agrees to cessation of hostilities

Syria agrees to  cessation of hostilities

downloadDAMASCUS. — Syria’s Foreign Ministry announced yesterday the Syrian government’s consent to observe a cessation of hostilities as agreed upon by the US and Russia.

The ministry said the military campaign against the Islamic State (IS) group and the al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front will continue in accordance to the US-Russian agreement.

It however warned that the Syrian army has the right to respond to any violation by the opposition forces against the people, or the military forces.

Also, the ministry said it will continue to coordinate with the Russian side to identify the areas and the armed groups that will be included in the cessation of hostilities agreement “to ensure the success of agreement.”

Meanwhile, the ministry stressed the importance of controlling the borders and bring to halt the support some countries render to the armed groups “to avoid such groups from exploiting the cessation of hostilities agreement.”

“The Syrian government, through its acceptance, stresses its keenness to see a curb to the blood-letting in Syria and restore peace and stability,” the ministry added.

A day earlier, Russia and the US agreed to enforce a cessation of hostilities starting from February 27. Any party engaged in conflicts in Syria will indicate to Russia or the United States their commitment to and acceptance of the terms for the cessation of hostilities by no later than 12:00 Damascus time (1000 GMT) on February 27, according to a joint statement issued by the US State Department. — Xinhua.

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