Suspected killer robber in court Ashley Ndou (23) and Prospect Ziyengwa (27) are accused of stabbing the councillor intending to kill him, with the help of a third man still at large, then fleeing after inflicting deep cuts on his left arm and chest. 

Prosper Dembedza-Herald Correspondent

A suspected robber who was arrested after killing a man in Belvedere, Harare, and stealing his US$22 000, yesterday appeared in court.

Fanana Ngwenya, Alias Vusumuzi (41), was facing armed robbery, murder and attempted murder charges when he appeared before a Harare magistrate.

He was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

The court heard that on September 11, 2020, Ngwenya and his six accomplices who are still at large, hatched a plan to carry out a robbery. 

Acting in common purpose and in pursuance of their plan, the accused persons armed themselves with AK47 rifles, a pistol, revolver, 12 bore shotgun and drove three getaway motor vehicles to the scene.

It is the State’s case that while clad in police and army uniforms, the accused persons waylaid Sawarah Shar, who was driving a white Toyota Wish vehicle.

As soon as Shar parked his vehicle on the driveway at his house, the accused persons pounced on him and handcuffed him.

 They allegedly disarmed him of his pistol, which was loaded with five live rounds.

The court heard that Shar’s wife, Raheema who was inside the house, heard suspicious noise outside and peeped out through the window to check. 

She observed her husband being manhandled and force-marched into the house. 

She immediately informed other family members and phoned members of their Neighbourhood Watch Committee advising them of the presence of the accused persons.  

Upon entering the house, the robbers threatened Shar, demanding to be shown the location of the safe in his bedroom while others manhandled all the occupants of the house. 

They allegedly tied all of them using cable tiers and ordered them to comply with their orders. 

Fearing for his life, Shar directed the accused persons to where he kept his safe and they unlocked it. 

They took cash amounting to US$22 000, a 9mm Glock pistol serial number XC681 and a loose magazine, which had 9x19mm live rounds.

During that time, members of the Neighbourhood Watch Committee arrived and proceeded into the premises via the main gate which had been left open by the suspects.

One of the accused dressed in anti-riot police uniform confronted them.

It is alleged that another suspect, who was dressed in full army uniform and armed with a revolver, exited the house, prompted the neighbourhood watch team to draw his pistol and started firing towards them.  Gunshots were exchanged resulting in one of the neighbourhood watch members dying on the spot and another one being grazed on the head by a bullet.

 The accused and his accomplices, who are on remand, disarmed the now deceased member of the neighbourhood watch, before they all escaped with cash and five firearms.  A report was made at ZRP Milton Park and police attended to the scene and recovered several spent cartridge cases, a 12 bore shotgun serial number 8884 loaded with 1×12 bore live round in the chamber, 3×12 bore live rounds, 9 x 38 special live rounds, 2x army camouflage caps, 1 x army denim jacket, 2x army camouflage denim trousers, 2 x webbing belts.

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