Suspected Ebola cases in DRC

Suspected Ebola cases in DRC

Kinshasa. — The World Health Organisation has identified two more suspected cases of the deadly Ebola virus a day after declaring an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The UN agency said on Saturday there are now 11 suspected cases, including three reported deaths, in Likati in DRC’s northern Bas-Uele Province. WHO said one death has tested positive for an Ebola strain seen in the country before.

The UN agency says the first case occurred April 22 in a male some 1 400km from the capital, Kinshasa.

WHO is working with the government to coordinate a response.

DRC has had seven known Ebola outbreaks in the past, including one in 2014 with several dozen cases.

That outbreak was not connected to the massive epidemic in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone that left thousands dead. — News24.

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