Supporters’ association open letter to ZC


We as Zimbabwe Cricket Supporters Union (ZCSU), a supporters’ association recognised by Zimbabwe Cricket, would like to express our disappointment with the performances of the Zimbabwe Cricket National team in the just-ended five-match ODI series against Afghanistan in UAE.

The defeat which left Zimbabwe languishing at number 12 in the ODI rankings is a disgrace to Zimbabwe cricket family.

In 2015, we had eight series’ plus the World Cup; we lost all but the Ireland series and had a lukewarm World Cup with only individual performances to talk about.

In all this, we did not despair as fans as we believed more game time will make our players match fit and better performances will come with more game time.

But our players are not improving at all, even making a mockery of themselves at international level.

All the years we stood by our players blaming the board for not providing enough game time, allowances and enough practice time, but all these were provided in 2015 and the board went a step further and hired a top international coach with a World Cup under his belt, instead of progressing we are regressing day by day!

A lot has been angering us as fans but we have remained loyal to our team and the sport we love! Now as fans we have been pushed to the edge. With our backs on the wall we demand the following before we take ACTION.

1. The immediate resigning/sacking of Mr Elton Chigumbura as captain

2. Immediate appointment of batting and substantive bowling coaches

3. An apology to the fans and the nation by team captain Mr Elton Chigumbura, Coach Mr D Whatmore and ZC board chairman Mr T Mukhuhlane

Above all, we love our game and we love our country

Inserted by T. V. Banhire

Chairman: Zimbabwe Cricket Supporters Union

(Castle Corner)

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