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Support Govt policies, ZPCS officers urged


Obert Chifamba Manicaland Bureau
Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) officers have been challenged to continue supporting all Government policies designed to accelerate economic growth.

Senior Officer Commanding Manicaland Didmas Chimvura made the remarks during a ceremony to confer 18 senior prison officers with ranks ranging from principal correctional officer to the rank of commissioner, which was held in Mutare on Wednesday.

The officers were promoted by President Emmerson Mnangagwa as part of an exercise that has seen 259 officers across the country being elevated to higher ranks in appreciation of their commitment and dedication to duty.

“One of our most urgent priorities is to provide sufficient and nutritious food for our inmates,” said Senior Officer Chimvura. “You will, therefore, agree with me that the country’s Specialised Maize Production and Import Substitution Programme (Command Agriculture) could not have come at a better time than now when we are constrained somehow in terms of resources.

“Let us, therefore, take advantage of the programme to fully utilise the farms at our disposal for self-sustenance in terms of food security in line with the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset).”

Senior Officer Chimvura urged the officers to come up with effective mechanisms based on creativity and innovation in sustaining their organisation, adding that it was their duty to take it to the best possible position through enhanced production methods coupled with good leadership traits.

He also reminded the officers that as ZPCS they played a critical role in ensuring that law and order was maintained in the society since reliable protection of citizens’ rights and security were essential conditions for the country’s stable development.

“Let us play our part so that we achieve the desired goals by paying particular attention to the need to combat all acts of mischief. Let us all work towards combating corruption in the form of bribery, unfair competition, conflict of interest, fraud, embezzlement, unlawful kickbacks, nepotism and cronyism, among other forms of vice,” he said.

“I am sure you are aware that your elevation brings with it a lot of responsibilities. Most of you are holding critical positions of authority in various sections, so I urge you to be vigilant, very-focused and resolute, given the tasks that are ahead of you as senior officers vested with responsibilities and authority. Continue to work hard and inspire your juniors by exercising good leadership qualities and discipline.”

Senior Officer Chimvura encouraged the officers to lead by example through ensuring that there was zero tolerance to indiscipline and laziness, yet maintaining their unity of purpose as ZPCS by putting aside personal differences and working together as a force.

“It is imperative to adopt an open door policy where new ideas from everyone, including those you command, should be taken on board,” he said.

“You must always remind yourselves that the badges of rank are just titles and do not necessarily assist anyone in making important decisions without appreciating your colleague’s opinions.”

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