Supermarket runs biggest promotion ever


Conrad Mwanawashe : Business Reporter

THE largest supermarket in Zimbabwe by size, Horizon Ivato Supermarket, is running its biggest promotion since it opened doors three years ago, offering discounts as high as 70 percent on selected products . The promotion opened on March 27 and will run until the first week of May to give shoppers an opportunity to stock for the second school term.Horizon Ivato Supermarket, the leading supplier of various products ranging from gym and sports equipment, office furniture, all kinds of lighting, clothing and dry groceries, is targeting to increase traffic into the shop.

“This is the biggest promotion ever which is spread across local and Chinese products. The promotion is separated in two parts; for the Chinese products including top class furniture and sports and gym equipment discounts are ranging from 30 percent to 70 percent on selected products.

“The other part is for local products where we are offering the cheapest prices to support indigenous producers as they will be able to move volumes through our shops,” said Ivato general manager Hu Wusheng.

He said the promotion comes as the retailer seeks to give back to its customers as a way of cushioning them from the difficult economic conditions prevailing in the country.

For some of the lines, Ivato Supermarket is putting margins as low as three cents per product to ensure that all its customers can afford.

“The theme for the promotion is about giving our customers an opportunity to shop and experience our services at the cheapest prices in town. We want to give back to the community,” branch supervisor Given Nyaumba said.

The 6000 square metre supermarket and wholesaler, operating from the Longcheng Plaza adjacent the National Sports Stadium, is in the process of constructing more space as demand for its products continues to rise.

The leading retailer and wholesaler boasts of a mixture of locally assembled and imported office, home and outdoor furniture products.

Suppliers for the supermarket include Delta Beverages, Schweppes Zimbabwe, Surface Oil, the Tregers Group, Radar Metal Industries for steel products and Astra for paints.

Some of its furniture is manufactured at Flair Furniture while electrical are supplied by AE Electricals.

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed Proplastics is Ivato’s major supplier of construction products.

The focus on indigenous manufacturers is a deliberate concept to support local players and SMEs.

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