Sungura Blast gathers momentum Alick Macheso

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Acting Entertainment Editor

It is simmering!

Well, it is fact that the sungura music genre is on its peak once again after the long hiatus brought about by Covid-19 containment restrictions.

There is doubt either, that the legion of sungura fans are enjoying every moment of it.

And, as if that is not enough, more than six new sungura albums have been released and are rocking.

All these have been launched within the eight months of this year, giving the fans a buffet to pick on.

From the distinct twing-twang of the guitars, the shifting tapestry of instruments to the lyrics and voice projection, each musician has tried to outwit the others, much to the advantage of the fans.

Not forgetting the dancing skills and fashion statement on stage.

Now imagine all that talent under one roof?

That’s a “blast!”

Remember in June this year we had a “Redefined concert” hosted by Gateway Streams at the giant auditorium where thousands of fans attended.

Yes, they redefined the arts sector with that show as they also gave a new experience to fans by not only engaging them but giving them a rare treat.

The Redefined show was a triple favourite as it saw giants Nutty O, Jah Prayzah and Winky D taking part.

Now that’s a great feat in the history of showbizz.

Truth be told, the show was a success from stage-work to performances.

Same concept now three months later, by public demand they have decided to host what they termed “Sungura Blast”. The line-up is definitely a value for money.

Just that different camps under one roof, besides expecting fireworks there is also going to power-fan –move struggle.

This time around all the statements, lies, theories and mysteries will be settled at the stage to be done by Events Evolution.

Many are also wondering what the stage work will be like this time?

Alas, would it be a guitar shape, as all the sungura artistes are much more familiarised with that?

Fingers crossed, this is the “Sungura Blast” concert not the Black Entertainment Awards (BET), where you can expect hullabaloo as different genres on stage.

The country has been waiting to have Alick Macheso, Mark Ngwazi, Baba Harare, Nicholas Zakaria, Sulumani Chimbetu, Shantel Sithole and Audienance Kuimba among others, on the same stage.

Yes, they have either shared a stage together somewhere but this time around it has a different feel- “A blast theme”.

The Herald Arts had an exclusive interview with the organisers where they not only shared the plan and dream of the show but settings from the stage to the marketing strategy of the show.

Of course, it is one show not to miss when it comes to sungura fans.

Scheduled to take place at the Rainbow Towers, the event is expected to attract a lot of attention as it is one of the biggest shows this weekend.

Rainbow Tourism Group, Corporate Affairs and Quality Manager Pride Khumbula said they were happy that all was set for the show with the stage settings beginning tomorrow.

But what inspired the show?

“As Gateway Stream Music we believe our local talent is a match to any regional or international acts. This is why we are driven to partner with artistes; create great world-class productions, give artists a big stage and an overall best experience for the audience,” she said.

“Our strategy is to showcase all the local music genres as they appeal to different market segments.”

Asked how they came up with the list of artistes considering that there are a pool of sungura musicians in the country and is the female gender included, Khumbula said it was after a thorough research and survey from fans.

“First this was by public demand on the survey we carried. We have a mixture of seasoned artistes such as Alick Macheso, Nicholas Zakaria and also on the list you will find new and upcoming artistes like Shantel Sithole and Audinance kuimba.”

“As Gateway Stream Music we believe in offering a platform for new and upcoming artistes to be heard. We always ensure that there is an upcoming artiset in our line-up.

“Sungura Blast also seeks to bridge the gap between two generations. Since we have the legendary Macheso and also prominent upcoming artistes. A time passed when sungura and Kanindo were mostly dominated by male artistes but the amazing and talented Shantel Sithole is breaking this stereotype. She is a young and rising artiste born in Chipinge who sings Kanindo music,” explained Khumbula.

She dismissed the rumours that the show was a bid to fill up the giant auditorium.

“No it’s not, the event was created to give the Sungura lovers some great musical experience and the artistes a stage and superstar treatment they will never forget,” she said.

“Following up on the same level of delivery from our Redefined Concert, we feel the artistes we have lined-up are equally prominent and, in particular, the Sungura genre deserves the recognition.”

Host of the show is popular radio personality from Star FM, Ndumiso Dube “TheSkyWalker”.

Khumbula also cleared the air as speculated by some fans that their show was for competition between the artistes or a competition follow up after weeks before there was a similar event.

“We are just targeting all music lovers from all walks of life. Our intention is to entertain, and we are calling on all Sungura fans to come out on 24 September, Sungura Blast is going to be an experience and all music lovers must attend.”

As the norm from Gateway Streams, for the diaspora market they will have a chance to watch the show via streaming platform.

“Yes, definitely we will be streaming the event live on the Gateway Stream Music platform. Fans need to download our application now so that they can have a chance to see these great musicians in action. This will give the Diaspora audience the opportunity to watch the show. It is going to be a pay per view show.”

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