Sulu promises memorable night at Iridium

Sulu promises memorable night at Iridium Suluman Chimbetu
Suluman Chimbetu

Suluman Chimbetu

Arts Reporter
Suluman Chimbetu will tonight rekindle his relationship with patrons at Iridium Life Gem – formerly Jazz 24 /7 – in the city centre when he performs at a show that is expected to bring back memories of his exciting shows that have been staged at the venue.

Since the place was Jazz 105, Sulu staged memorable shows and many will remember his ‘all-white’ affairs that were trademark occasions for the dendera star.

It is one of his favourite venues in the CBD and tonight he is likely to rekindle the exciting relationship with patrons. The venue recently re-branded as it seeks to bring a new dimension to entertainment in the capital and officials are confident they will change the face of showbiz.

Tonight’s shows is one of the big events since the re-branding of the place and Sulu said he is honoured to be involved in the transformation of the place.

“The place has gone through various changes and I am happy to have witnessed all the changes over the past few years. I am one of the musicians that have staged shows at the venue under its different names and brands. We want to introduce Iridium to the people and we are encouraging our fans to come in their numbers and support the bigger vision that the new management has,” said Sulu.

“This is one of the shows that will see us getting personal with our fans in the capital. We have always enjoyed our shows at the place and we know we are heading for another big day at our show. It is one of the best venues in the city centre and we are expecting a memorable outing.”

An official at Iridium said they are expecting a big night of merrymaking.

“It will be fun throughout. The venue has hosted a number of musicians and we are happy to have dendera coming to the place for a potentially explosive night. Sulu has been one of the consistent musicians in the country and his choreography is outstanding. It will be another night of dendera vibes and dances,” said the official.

“As Iridium, we promise nothing but the best entertainment environment. We have come up with various activities to add fun to our shows and those that will attend Sulu’s shows will get the best of our offers. We want to ensure that the place grows and becomes a venue of choice in Harare. We have re-branded to make sure that we bring a new dimension to entertainment. The night will be full of fun and excitement as we continue building our new brand. Iridium Life Gem is the place to be for those that want best fun in the capital.”

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