Sulu postpones album launch Suluman Chimbetu

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Suluman Chimbetu has postponed the launch of his tenth album, which was set for last Saturday in his hometown of Chegutu.

His last album titled “Entanglement” was released in December 2020.

Suluman said he delayed releasing the new album because of logistical challenges which were beyond his control.

“We regret to inform you that the release of our new album, originally scheduled for today, is delayed due to unforeseen logistical challenges,” he said on his Facebook page.

The Orchestra Dendera frontman assured his fans the release will be this year.

“Despite this delay, we assure you that the album will be released this year, we are working tirelessly to deliver something we believe is worth the wait,” he said. “Your satisfaction is our priority and we look forward to sharing the album with you.” 

Although he delayed the album launch, Sulu did not postpone his late father Simon’s commemorations in Chegutu, which took place at Magandi Park.

The event was attended by members of the Chimbetu family and hordes of fans.

Sulu said the delay in launching the album gives him time to polish up.

“Now, I’m working on polishing up my album and adding some spices so that we do not give our fans a half backed project,” he said. “I promise to dish them a solid project.

“I’m apologising to my fans who came through to attend my delayed album launch after they travelled long distances from many parts of this country to come to Chegutu to dine with us.

“I give them all my respect, I promise that in the coming weeks I’m going to deliver on my promises because I have relentless love for my fans. I don’t want to see them disappointed.”

Sulu said the commemorations of his late father went better than expected, with hundreds of people thronging Magandi Park.

“Although we delayed our album launch, we did not delay the commemorations of the late provincial hero Simon Chopper Chimbetu which went on very well at Magandi Park in Chegutu,” he said.

“They were attended very well, with scores of people who came to dine with us and commemorate the life of their late Dendera music founder.” 

The commemorations were a testimony that the Chimbetu family members are in a cordial relationship unlike what is said on social media.

All the family members came together to join forces in the commemorations.

These included Saiwe Chimbetu, Tryson Chimbetu and Douglas Chimbetu, who are all musicians. “The commemorations of my late father was a testimony that our family is united and we are not having any squabbles as you saw that every member of our family was at the venue and we dined together,” said Sulu.

Although there was no album launch in Chegutu, the mining town was ecstatic with the commemoration gala plus a football match between Chegutu Pirates and Herentals under 20.

The match saw Chegutu Pirates make its way into the Premier league after beating Herentals Under 20 by 2 goals to 1.

Sulu believes Chegutu town has potential to grow in the sectors of entertainment and sports after the tantalising match between Chegutu Pirates and Herentials Under 20.

“Although we did not have our album launch last Saturday, Chegutu was on fire, so many people were ecstatic after Chegutu Pirates qualified into the Premier league,” he said.

“Chegutu Town has a potential to grow in the sectors of entertainment and sports, I believe that one day the town can host some high profile artistes from beyond our borders.”

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