Sulu on maiden Canadian tour Suluman Chimbetu
Suluman Chimbetu

Suluman Chimbetu

Vongai Mbara Arts Reporter
Dendera frontman Suluman Chimbetu is set for his maiden tour of Canada where he will perform a number of shows.

Sulu will travel with a full band and will depart April 11 for the two-week sojourn.

He will perform in Toronto and Edmonton.

In an interview, Sulu said he will be taking Zimbabwe’s Independence celebrations to North America.

“My band and I will be in Canada for two weeks as we celebrate 37 years of Independence. We will have a show on April 14 in Toronto and the Edmonton on the next day,” he said.

Suluman said all was set for the tour.

“We are raring to go. Our visas have been approved and we are ready for the shows. In fact, we were born ready,” he said.

Sulu has previously embarked on international tours in the UK and Australia.

However, this will be the first time that Sulu and his Orchestra Dendera Kings band will be performing in North America.

In response to his Facebook post, Suluman’s fans in Canada have expressed their excitement to meet the superstar and are waiting anxiously for the show.

“We cannot wait to see you Sulu. We will belt tune after tune in a nonstop situation,” said a fan on Facebook.

Sulu is riding on the crest of wave after his latest offering “Jamboree”, has received warm reviews from his fans.

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