Sulu honours liberation war heroes

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Sulu honours liberation war heroes Suluman Chimbetu

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Suluman Chimbetu

Suluman Chimbetu

Arts Reporter—
Dendera musician Suluman Chimbetu has penned songs that give honour to liberation war heroes and heroines. The two songs “Makamaradha” and “Zororo” will be released this week at a private show in Mbare together with another love track called “Open Your Heart”. Chimbetu through his publicist Joe Nyamungoma said they have decided to honour those who sacrificed their lives to liberate Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe is free because of the liberation fighters some of them died while others are still alive and we need to respect them,” said Nyamungoma. He said the songs were revolutionary tracks that are spiced by good beats that will usher fun-loving people into the festive season.

“There is a private function in Mbare and we will be launching the three songs there. We hope people will enjoy them as we get into the festive season,” he said. Nyamungoma believes appreciation of the works done by the freedom fighters should continue with generations.

“We are just appreciating the works and by doing so we are passing it also to the coming generations,” he said. The musician has joined several musicians who have released singles ahead of the festive season.

Tomorrow the musician performs alongside Shinsoman, DJ Cables and Soul Jah Love at Pamuzinda Ice and Fire in Kuwadzana. “That show will also give a chance for people to have an opportunity to dance to the songs as we get closer to the festive holidays,” he said.

Nyamungoma they would celebrate Christmas with their fans at Mushandirapamwe Hotel which is regarded as the ‘‘homeground’’ of dendera. “On December 24 we will be performing at Mushandirapamwe at Machipisa and we will also play the songs. The show stretches to Christmas day and the songs are our present to the fans.”

To them the place is important as it was their late father and war hero Simon’s favourite hunting ground.

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